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Kashmir the most turbulent issue has made many politicians to rise and spoiled the career of many established political personalities. Kashmir has become such a bone of contention (galay ki hadi) which can neither be swallowed nor vomited out. It is not only making India and Pakistan politically and economically weak and drained but the lava of instability underneath will engulf the whole subcontinent some day. It is Kashmir issue, which made Sher-I-Kashmir and his deep rooted ideology to remain confined within Naseem Bagh and Nawa-I subha complex. Several political personalities lost their precious lives. Poor people of Kashmir suffered enormously. Thousands were martyred, victimized and subjected to great sufferings. A huge number of orphans, widows, bruised and traumatized people has further burdened the crumbling and torn social setup. Kashmir and Kashmiris are wounded deep within but their political stratum is getting political mileage out of it. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry of Kashmir political arena has jumped into the fray to have taste of broth cooked by Bush-Mush and company. The Pugwash niyaz attracted many, even so called mainstream nationalist political leaders had a hearty political feast and prized audience with Pakistani leadership. On their return journey they sold their political trip like hot cakes to gullible Kashmiris, making them to believe that they are their real saviors.  Previously; for that matter even now if a common Kashmiri dears to have a direct look towards Pakistan, he is branded an anti-national and sent to his destination—Koat Bilwal. During last more than one year almost all separatist leaders (with political ambitions) made a beeline to seek appointment and blessings of Indian leaders but when some common Kashmiri aspires to see eye to eye with Indian authorities; he is a mukhbir. My point is, these self-styled nationalist or separatist leaders, having no mandate of any sort can not befool people by their turncoat policy and gimmickry. The Pakistani rock salt gimmickry days are gone. Kashmiris are no more politically ignorant, but surely they are suppressed. It is now a political fashion in Kashmir to rejuvenate dying political career by having a pilgrimage to Pakistan or India. The latest pilgrims were Nationalies, Congresies, and Panthers et al. Their Pakistan tour was a political shot in their arm. But this anti-clock wise running (separatists towards India and nationalists towards Pakistan) of politicians makes to believe something is brewing up. A broth is being cooked for people of Kashmir; it remains to be seen weather it will be sweet or sour and palatable to all.

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