Bad Guys.

I never knew crusade against corruption and corrupt people will be at a much bigger cost of getting my sentiments hurt. And the fight against plunderers and exploiters will break me down. My very simple write-ups in these columns will instigate the corrupt and will make me to cry! This was never given a consideration by me at any point of time.

Earlier corruption was looked down upon by majority of people in our society but now the corrupt people are in majority and they dictate terms on every front. The corrupt people from all walks of life have united as gangsters and are flourishing under an umbrella of well organized symbiotic mafia. Corruption is a multi dimensional menace, eating our society and its values like termites. The way corrupt elements flourish and corruption is glorified, one day our social system will collapse and end in a class war. In real sense these unscrupulous elements are cowards and they stoop to lowest level while quelling any dissent and have no respect for values and sentiments.

As I said, I could never think in my wildest dreams the treatment very recently I met at the hands of some corrupt people and their masters. They were known to me; they are my coworkers! I was made to break, cry, and strike my head against the wall. Their onslaught was severe, well orchestrated, planed and they enjoyed it like any sadist. I was caught unawares having no time to respond. In my life at rarest of rare occasions my eyes would become moist but these gangsters went for an all-out assault to have me. The assault was not physical but mental one. I was lonely among these vultures; even my so called supporters had developed claws and long beaks. It was a moment of shame for them but an occasion of making out between right and wrong for me. This incident empowered me to differentiate between an ally for the cause and a hypocrite; strengthened my resolve to fight these gangsters with all my energy resolutely. From a freelancer I was made a professional but paid in dollars of insult and deceit.

Let all these enemies of our society bear in their mind and heart that my eyes were moist but I am neither out nor down. One day this force of dissent will snowball into a revolution and that day they need not to pay through their nose but have to pay through their corrupted blood.

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