Badra Payeen rape incident.

Rape is the worst possible and shame full inhuman act proving ‘a fate worse than death’ for the victims. Using rape as a weapon to traumatize, torment and subjugate people exposes the ultimate beast of a sick mentality. The recent incident of molestation, outraging modesty and rape in the sleepy village of Badra Payeen Handwara in northern Kashmir is the most ugly face of Indian democracy, depicting its hollowness and proving it now more spurious. The Kashmir’s soul was bruised by this incident. The pleas, sobs and cries made by the young budding girl and her mother to free them selves from the clutches of sham and fathomless Indian democracy will keep haunting the whole Indian leadership, actually responsible for this shameful act.

Indian population (united India) had collectively suffered at the hands of imperialists for centuries before their independence. Nevertheless, the imperialists as a state have rarely used brute, disgracing, and cowardice and shame full act of rape to subjugate their people. It is much more shameful and deplorable when a nation which itself has experienced and suffered to extremes of subjugation will resort to inhuman ways of death destruction and rape to crush and curb any dissention. I will not put blame of this grave violation on the unbridled security men otherwise directly involved in this heinous and ghastly crime. These guys are just implementing the policies devised and designed by policy makers under the garb of national security.

Difference of opinion, thoughts and matters of rights and possession can be sorted out by comprehensive dialogue and if differences are severe and lead to animosity and conflicts then wars are inevitable, and every thing is fair in love and war. However, civilized form of mankind does not resort to the cheapest weaponry of rape to settle scores. The biggest democracy of the world, claimant of  ‘unity in diversity’ can not afford to have rape as a weapon to safeguard its so-called national interests. Let me appeal all Indians from Kashmir to Kanayakumari to come forward, express their views and give their opinion on this sensitive issue. Let them decide whether they have given mandate to their national security policy makers, for curbing any diverging views, opinions or thoughts with the weapons of torture, cold-blooded murders, and now ‘rape’. If you people will endorse this penchant for pillage, killings and rape, then my dear brethren you cease to be followers of Buddha and Rama and negate the teachings, ‘Ahansa parmo dharma’ of great Sabarmati saint Mahatma Gandhi. I am sure no common Indian will subscribe to this theory of subjugation through rape and will feel remorse for this ghastly and inhuman act. Majorities of Indians plead and practice policy of love and compassion with devotion. It is only a handful of zealots who make hatred and revenge a weapon to crush dissension.

I am witness to varied degrees of violence, suppression, intimidation, and other methods of subjugation being practiced in Kashmir for last two decades. Even molestation and outraging modesty of women was a common tool. Isolated incidents of rape were also noticed. However, raping a ten-year-old girl and her young mother was an unheard incident. This ghastly incident has shaken the psyche of all Kashmiries.

The people of Kashmir who are struggling for right of self-determination since long, now onwards they will have to fight for their honor. Every thing can be restored excepting life and honor; human being, as a social animal prefers honor to life. Let us be clear in our thought. What is the fun of having so called peace, tranquility and prosperity, which will be at the cost of our honor? Why should we bargain our honor for sky scrappers, flyovers, and all other comforts? We don’t need power stations, loaves of bread, subsidies and packages, which will ultimately rob us of our honor.

India and Pakistan who have been fighting over Kashmir for more than fifty years now with out knowing what are the aspirations of the people over here. Kashmir has been sandwiched between the two big brothers. India and Pakistan had been pursuing their own agenda of national interest and national security at the cost of Kashmir. Both countries are now toeing the line of internationally acclaimed concept of development and prosperity through peace and are now yearning for peace. Both the countries can have flourishing friendship, we also wish so, but not at the cost of Kashmir. Let them pursue their own agenda of peace, and prosperity but with out putting Kashmir’s future and honor of its people in jeopardy.

Our tolerance has crossed all thrush hold levels and now we have to have a pragmatic approach, and settle every issue once for all resolutely. Let us take cue from the brave people of Romania, who challenged the rotter Chansisco with bare hands and made him to bow and rout. They fought against the army of highly motivated bastards loyal to dictator Chansisco. Faced columns of tanks and batteries of artillery and had no weapons to fight back except their strong will and dedication to oppose high handedness and cruelty. People of Romania fought the dictator and his army deep down into the tunnels of sin and cruelty with weapons of will and justification. They paid their heavy price of precious lives to save their freedom. Even celestial forces help them who have dedication and will to fight against injustice and cruelty, with righteousness and justice as guiding force. Yes, every fight for justice and honor is at a cost. We have been paying installments of sacrifices with our life, property and honor for last fifteen years, now let us pay in one go and make our subjugators to understand that we can not compromise with our honor. Mass movements don’t need designated leaders, these are spontaneous and leadership (sincere one) evolves out of the movement itself. To accomplish our mission resolutely and sincerely, let us discard and shun all these leaders of main stream politics, and so called separatist politicians. These value and virtue less politicians who brand their opponents cynics, contributed nothing and made no earnest effort to rescue exploited and exhausted nation from the clutches of torment. Their baffling attitude and approach is quite abhorrent. They have only been making money and harvesting crops of influence. Carved, and nurtured political constituencies and fiefdoms out of pathetic plight of poor people, widows and orphans. Their arrogance and egoistic approach has left them faction ridden, and ultimately made them irrelevant and redundant. These leaders care least for the cause they got evolved and shaped. Sitting in their cozy drawing rooms, they only issue tailor-made press releases. Use cheap methods of public relations to exalt their otherwise falling image.

The reaction of all the politicians against this shameful incident at Badar Payeen was callous and politically astute. Chief minister’s rhetoric full of conjecture, termed it as an unfortunate incident to undermine his healing touch policy and warned his opponents to restrain from politicizing the incident and sabotaging the so called peace process. The separatist politicians considered it as another incident of atrocity and buried it under the huge weight of press releases and politically motivated statements. Some usual hue and cry was made but no serious efforts were made to gauge the severity of this insulting incident.

If we people irrespective of cast, color, creed, affiliation and religion do not rise to the occasion to condemn and fight such ghastly, insulting act, we will be branded as shameless (baigairat). Let all of us not be written off as shameless. Let us fight it out once for all with clear conviction and strong will to make justice to prevail and honor to be safeguarded in this bleeding, turbulent but once beautiful and peaceful place. Even if it will be at the cost of our life, but our future generation can live a safe, peaceful and honorable life.

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