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Hospital with an agenda and a barber with a mission!

Over the period of time, health and education establishments in private sector have grown rapidly in Kashmir. And with very little exceptions, to a great extent, both sectors have grown for wrong (exploitative) reasons. No one would oppose resourceful and authentic infrastructure development in health and education whether in private or public sector because it relates to the physical and mental health of the society and overall vigorous growth of the nation. But once exploitation and money minting overtakes sincerity and ethics of honest business people are bound to raise fingers. In a place where cinema halls and godowns got converted into health specialty centers and decaying buildings serve as schools, exploiting education and health as lucrative business becomes a routine without any control by monitoring agencies because of the reason better known to them. Read More A double tragedy

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But certain questions stare us in the face.

For the last many years several official and unofficial individuals and groups tried to restore negotiation channels and break the ice regarding long-lasting stalemate in Kashmir. In addition to these overt efforts some behind the curtain communication networks—track two options were always live but without any significant development. Much talked about Dileep Padgaonkar led interlocutors, Sitaram Yechury and Yashwant Sinha headed delegations and individual efforts of Ram Jethmalani and many others could do nothing substantial beyond photo-op sessions and media hype. Significantly, Mani Shankar Aiyar is one smaller but credible voice pursuing Kashmir issue with an open mind and much clear perception about complications involved in resolving Kashmir conflict to the best wishes of people of Kashmir, the best interest of Indian nation and satisfaction of neighbouring stakeholders. There seems not an iota of doubt in the mind of intellectually rich Aiyar about the existence of Kashmir conflict as a festering sore within the body and soul of not only India and Pakistan but the whole subcontinent. A flashpoint that can devour the whole region with slightest military provocation by any of the stakeholders. No one can deny the integrity of other delegations of reconciliation but some people follow an issue with a conviction for its resolution even if it has to be out of box solution, while others just hunt for a result without looking deep into the genesis of the issue in right perspective. There are several people who have been trying hard to fix Kashmir problem but Mani Shankar stands tall out of them. Read More Aiyar’s mission

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Articulating views and opinions through words is not that easy and simple as most people think.

Very often writing is described as an intellectual skill of placing ideas and opinions in black and white but personally I find writing as an inborn trait of representing oneself and his societal and environmental vicinities. Anyways, whatever the description, writers are ear and eyes of the society and creative interpreters of all sort of happenings within the social system.   When writers put in extra efforts and turn more creative they are named as over enthusiastic narcissists with ulterior motives and when they become selective and measured they are termed as sulking and selfish apostates. Articulating views and opinions through words is not that easy and simple as most people think. Particularly, in a place like Kashmir where the situation has not been conducive for any creative work for last more than two decades and writers are the worst victims of surliness and subjected to virtual bullying by anyone facing the heat of their pen. Kashmir politics (particularly prevailing unrest), societal matters and environmental concerns require honest and objective manifestation and most of the writers in Kashmir true to the ethics of writing do justice to the best of their ability sometimes even at the huge cost of extreme pressure. It is not necessary that all writers may have faced the wrath but most of them had to experience hostility at any point of time in one or the other form. While writing without fear or favor one cannot please everyone and thus anger from people who get annoyed is obvious. In the contemporary era of fast and consistent electronic feedback mechanism, every writer is just a click away from his or her followers and adversaries so every writer is under the radar and more vulnerable to all sorts of criticism. Interestingly, most of the writers don’t disclose or mention about their experience of hostility or criticism in public unless the situation becomes nastily harming.  Read More On writers: It’s a creative expression of your opinion subject to any interpretation

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These nauseating exploiters are destroying the very fabric of our system.

Autocrats, because of their obsessive hostility towards masses, were compelled to encourage and have sycophants around them who would work as their eyes and ears. The autocratic system was prone to influence of powerful oligarchies comprising mostly of sickening exploiters and the nepotists. However, since long our representative system has also come under the influencing hammer of exploiters, passionate love and affection for nepotism and patronage of sycophants. The process has been gradual over the period of last seven decades but at present, the obsequious exploiters have spread their deep and sturdier tentacles far and wide. Read More Clean the administration.

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If it doesn’t, Kashmir politics will be heading towards disaster? With the arrival of Durbar, Kashmir politics, as usual, is bound to get hotter. The battlefield has shifted to beautiful…

Read More Hope peace prevails

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We need a long term strategy to save ourselves from this disaster.

Floods can only be managed to minimize damages during and after the event and not controlled as most of the people think. 2014 floods washed everything in its way and left a lasting mark on our psyche. People are yet to come out of devastating suffering and feel scared of any spell of rains lasting more than a couple of days. This spring was mostly wet. More importantly this winter we had more than enough snow in higher reaches creating a huge bank of water in the mountains. So, by all estimations, we are most probably waiting for an impending fury of floods that too with a crumbling infrastructure to handle such floods and the aftermath. God forbid if things won’t turn in our favor an angry flood is again looming large on our heads! The recent cycle of few warmer April days followed by rains many times created an alarming situation throughout the valley with gushing tributaries, overflowing Jhelum and brimming flood spill channel. For most of the April, this year the whole administration and the people remained on toes because of flood scare. Read More Looming floods!