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When we talk beyond borders the contours of conflict and its resolution invite international ramifications

It is almost two months now; Kashmir and its people are caught in a quagmire of turbulence and unabated violence. People are dying of bullets and pellets and if the situation won’t change, people may die of starvation and disease.  Discussing violence gives nothing but pain. However, seeking a justified solution to death and destruction gives you hope. Kashmir, at this point is desperately asking for a peaceful resolution of every conflict to the best satisfaction of its stake holders within the frame work of natural justice and equality. It has to be an out of box resolution where every stake holder including people of Kashmir has to cooperate. Read More Talks, how and with whom?

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Current Kashmir unrest must be read in context of a complete failure of world powers in Afghanistan resulting in fluid political and military situation in the region.

Killing of many young Kashmiris and more than six weeks of siege is not less tragic and unfortunate for millions of Kashmiri people. Hundreds of maimed and scores of blinded people speak of a grave state of conflict; a conflict that has engulfed a generation of young people comprising more than fifty percent of our population. This time round the contours of unrest seem to be different. This unrest, unlike earlier uprisings seems not only against the present political dispensation and establishment, but against all who exploited the sentiments of Kashmiri people from time to time, irrespective of their position in power and politics or their own geopolitical interests. All stake holders of Kashmir conflict should read a bold writing on the wall, a writing of extreme anger. No political party within the state and no nation around the geographic territory of Kashmir should feel itself out of present Kashmiri anger. In my three decades of public life I have never experienced such widespread, deep-rooted resentment within the psyche of Kashmir people, against one and all.   Read More Kashmir: Graveyard of Peace

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How long shall we be losing precious lives?

Death of a young, charismatic man in his early twenties with a certain extreme ideology triggered a trail of killings! Scores of people who lost their lives after his death were less than thirty years. Aren’t these tragic killings an eye-opener for all stake-holders related to Kashmir conflict directly or indirectly? This is not the first incident of forceful and angry demonstrations in Kashmir. In recent past— year 2008, 2010 more than a hundred people, mostly young Kashmiries were martyred over issues that were not directly related to the basic Kashmir issue. The point is what makes the Kashmiris, particularly the younger people to react so aggressively? Obviously it is deep-rooted anger against a system, political dispensation that they find against their wishes. The situation becomes more complex with unabated exploitation, corruption, nepotism and much more that does not go well with the outlook of young, educated class with world information just a press of a button away. Kashmir and its people have gone a radical change during last thirty years. It is no more a Kashmir or Kashmiri that will swallow down any injustice or coercion so easily. Gone are the days when our elders would submit to any injustice without any resistance. With change in international politics, and social reforms world over Kashmir and its people have maintained a considerable pace with such developments. Moreover, like other parts of the India and world over Kashmiri population at present has more than fifty percent of young people who are below the age of thirty years. Read More Kashmir- Back to bloodshed!

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It”s all about power at any cost.

Kashmir has a long political history of intrigues, exploitation and suppression. No doubt Kashmiri people have also experienced glory and justice but that was always short lived. After 1947 when most of the subcontinent was free from the clutches of autocracy, Kashmir and its people got torn between two big brothers. To keep the instability pot boiling, the iniquitous British while managing a retreat put seeds of hatred in the region, now grown into a full blooming tree during last six decades. Post 1947, Kashmir has experienced a rough political situation where at several occasions misleaders (political traitors) were imposed as mass-leaders and true leaders were tamed to behave like complaisant politicians. Then with the arrival of unrest and turmoil politics became a full-fledged industry. And a new dimension of nationalistic politics (read separatist politics) got added to political lexicon of Kashmir. Read More Kashmir politics at the crossroads!

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Here is a way that leads to dignified Kashmir.

It was just a coincidence, when I conceived this piece one gentleman and widely read columnist Chetan Bhagat had already given words to his desire regarding youth of Kashmir, but with a different shape. Even after my views being quite contrary to Mr. Bhagat’s conception my editors were caught in a fix as to who wrote first. Me or Baghat. Thus the delay. Anyways, here I am.

Dear young-men, after abolition of autocratic rule in 1947 all of us were hopeful of better days. Our elders putting their blood for freedom expected fair politics, decisive empowerment and ultimate emancipation. But, unfortunately, it seems even after more than six decades this once beautiful land of learned people is caught in political confusion. I need not lecture you—the galaxy of learned young people, on post 1947 political developments in Kashmir as you are a more gifted and knowledgeable generation. Interestingly, most of you are born when Kashmir was passing through its most critical political phase and experiencing violence of all sorts. Read More An open letter to youth of Kashmir.

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……… which I have not been able to realise yet!

I am Kashmir. I have a written history of more than five thousand years. Several historians have chronicled my plight over the centuries and written marvellous histories. Kalhana’s, Rājataraṃgiṇī, meaning “The river of Kings” is one of the finest chronicles that had documented me, my people and my earlier Royals in a more eloquent way.  Some distant travellers visiting the subcontinent have mentioned about my beauty, my treasure of knowledge and rich culture. However, I have been robbed, plundered and devastated many a time and my people treated as slaves by several tyrannical rulers. I have survived much of onslaught from outsiders and faced many conspiracies evolving out of my own womb. No more speculations please. You may have got it? I am Kashmir—once land of prosperity under the rulers like Zain-ul-Abidin and now a land of gloom, despair and destruction. Like every beautiful creation of Almighty, I too had a dream—a dream to live a prosperous and peaceful life; provide a loving space to my people within my bosom with motherly affection. Read More I Had A Dream