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A lot is happening, a lot more need be done…

Earlier I had written two write-ups in these columns on April 26th, 2015 and June 17th, 2015, both titled ‘Traffic Terror’ and this third one in the series touches different aspects of traffic nuisance in Kashmir valley and Srinagar city in particular. After much noise the State administration mobilized its traffic management machinery, and even after facing shortage of man and machine made its presence not only visible but to a certain extent effective as well.  For the last few months there is a noticeable change both in traffic regulation and the attitude of people directly or indirectly related with traffic. Two important changes, wearing of seat belts by most of the four-wheel drivers and use of crash helmets by almost all two-wheeler drivers are the two bigger achievements of traffic regulating authorities during this period.  Read More Traffic Terror !!!!

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The scene is getting increasingly gloomier!

Few decades earlier imparting education was the noblest profession and teachers were very often respected more than the guardians. But, unfortunately the once holy profession of teaching has now become a money-spinning business. Over the period of time, particularly during the last three decades both government administered education system and the private run educational institutions have failed miserably in providing value based quality education. Government institutions with adequate infrastructure and well qualified teaching staff were unable to deliver and their results at the end of the academic sessions proved dismal both qualitatively and quantitatively. However, the private sector managed their performance of numbers but their quality of education cannot be termed satisfactory by any standards. Most of the times this knowledge paralysis can be observed only to the level of ten plus two and beyond that it is a level playing field where private sector is unable to compete with the state run education organizations. Read More Privatised Education