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These nauseating exploiters are destroying the very fabric of our system.

Autocrats, because of their obsessive hostility towards masses, were compelled to encourage and have sycophants around them who would work as their eyes and ears. The autocratic system was prone to influence of powerful oligarchies comprising mostly of sickening exploiters and the nepotists. However, since long our representative system has also come under the influencing hammer of exploiters, passionate love and affection for nepotism and patronage of sycophants. The process has been gradual over the period of last seven decades but at present, the obsequious exploiters have spread their deep and sturdier tentacles far and wide. Read More Clean the administration.

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An election without a mandate, but with a message!

Farooq Abdullah is here to represent the people of Srinagar Parliamentary constituency. The constituency with little less than thirteen lakh registered voters will be represented by a politician who managed to earn the approval of only forty-eight and half thousands of voters. Many people in Kashmir would call it a sham election and several others will invoke the element of coercion, rigging and what not. And yes a few having their own political interests at stake and would interpret it as the accomplishment of the democratic process. Obviously, in a conflicting state of affairs where the political situation is awfully fluid, every stakeholder is compelled to derive a conclusion of his liking. However, at the end of present balloting where eight young people were bulleted to death and hundreds injured the elections conveyed a clear verdict of extreme anger and a choice beyond votes. Read More Loud and Clear!

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Don’t we have an identity of our own?

The first lesson of social science taught almost everywhere, reads ‘man is a social animal’. It implies that humankind lives in a societal structure within a complex organization of very close and distant relations. The distinct social fabric of mankind distinguishes and puts it above all animal beings. That is presumably what we human beings narcissistically think of ourselves. Maybe other living beings possibly will have a different opinion about us!   Well, possibilities apart, relations are vital in our social system and help in creating dedicated bonds within our society and we should respect it to maintain our ‘social animal’ status, but strictly avoiding any exploitation of this sacred bond fused through our biological indulgence. Read More Minister’s cousin!

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We have round pegs in square holes…

My earnest request will be, in any case not to interpret these lines as an endorsement of any wrongdoing or disapproval of justified administrative action. Ad-hoc-ism has been running the affairs of our administration since long. Earlier it was a compulsion in the absence of qualified human resource but by now it is more planned and has attained monstrous dimensions of favoritism and exploitation. It has not only promoted partiality and corruption but much of inefficiency is a manifestation of this wilfully induced nuisance. Obviously, politicians and bureaucracy derive extra-administrative powers from ad-hoc arrangements to govern their sweet will.  A cursory look into affairs of state’s set rules for human resource management will reveal huge gaps and deliberate deficits. Continuing with the practice of ‘stop-gap arrangement’ and OPG (own pay and grade) promotions within the gazette services for years together against the ruling of apex court speaks volumes about the intentions and mismanagement within the state administration. The government in flagrant violation has failed to respect its own rules like Civil Services (reference of vacancies and holding of meetings of Departmental Promotion Committees) Rules 2005, notified by the Government on June 14th, 2005, on one pretext or the other thereby encouraging ad-hoc-ism. Read More Topsy turvy administration!

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Of flawed career management and transfer policy.

Before highlighting flawed cadre management of government employees and growing favoritism in transfers of officers and officials under the political influence, it will be unfair not to appreciate the recent circular issued by the government through general administration department to discourage any outside influence in effecting the transfer of officers and officials in different government departments. Apparently, it is a welcome step to ensure level playing field for all government employees to utilize their abilities and potential. These government instructions if implemented in the true essence of justified governance will provide a fair opportunity to every employee to promote his career prospects and will encourage him to contribute his best to the state and the society. Read More A flourishing industry

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But can we really make a cocktail of it?

Democracy and dictatorship are two different ways of leading the civilization. One is by collective leadership evolved by mindful introspection and the other by grabbing power brazenly all through overt and covert means. Even after experiencing flawed democracy for decades most people in the sub-continent cannot find an alternative to democracy— the people’s authority. Kashmir has a turbulent history of governance, full of subjugation and ruthlessness. However, after the departure of British, the aura of empowerment and emancipation became quite visible in Kashmir. Political baggage and issues aside, Kashmiri people after centuries of suppression feel some respite from tyrannical rule since 1947. Read More Blending democracy with autocracy!