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The whole administration is about two things- Respect and Justice

Open Letter to President, Kashmir Administrative Officers Association.

Anyways, whatever your agenda and guiding force to unite, I am here to have a positive interaction with you regarding recent incidents of unpleasant confrontation between officers of your fraternity and staff of other departments

It is a privilege to converse with the leader of an elite group of officers of the state administration. Many people out of malice don’t recognize your organization with a premise that there is no provision of trade unionism with state’s gazetted services. whatever the rules say, I personally acknowledge every association where several likeminded people with common and justified agenda unite to strive for their cause. So, your organization fits well with my idea of an association, that too when the overall situation of our everyday life is like famous Pakistani poet Ahmad Faraz’s couplet, “Mera Us Sheher-E-Adawat Mein Basera Hai Jahan, Log Sajdon Mein Bhi Logon Ka Bura Sochtay Hain…!”.

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Deadly driving machines and killer roads!

Our traffic system is not in good and sound shape and mainly four reasons are squarely responsible for gridlocks and never-ending death on roads.

I don’t know what made us so heartless; filming painful death of a budding soul in a traffic accident and uploading it on social media is not sensible! Anyways, today I am not here about the insensitivity of Kashmiri people but the way modern vehicular traffic along with bad roads and our negligence kill the people. A few days back a young student riding his two-wheeler got crushed under a speeding truck at Pantha-chowk and he died an excruciating death almost instantly. And we keep counting! God knows how much more will be swallowed by these deadly driving machines and rash driving by the time these lines get printed.

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Unless these loopholes are plugged properly, the monster of corruption will haunt us.

(An open letter To Mehbooba Mufti)

It’s good you reach people and listen to them. Hope you continue the momentum and come heavy on corruption so that we get a clean system

After remaining engaged with political disturbance for quite some time you have rightly started concentrating more on approachable governance. In this direction, your recent visits to far-off areas of the state to personally reach and listen to public grievances, particularly, from those who have very less access to higher echelons and corridors of power will definitely open a new chapter of better governance. Your recent detailed visits and overnight stay at district headquarter of Pulwama and Kupwara districts reveal your government’s paradigm shift in administrative strategy. Anyways, may Almighty give you enough strength to deliver more efficiently and sincerely to the best satisfaction of your people. In this reinvigorated process of better governance, your recent statement terming corruption ‘as a scourge that eats up the vitals of the society’ and a passionate appeal for support to eradicate the peril of corruption is a welcome step.

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Kashmir politics at crossroads?

The present and earlier few attempts of vested interests to take the judicial route for abolishing exclusive rights of people of Jammu and Kashmir has now become a tricky situation for different political entities within the state and outside.

God knows who cursed Kashmir! Since ages the psyche and soul of Kashmiri people have never been at peace; exploitation and unkindness always haunted them. Kashmiri people are often made to believe about a possible change to their destiny but in real terms, Kashmir has come to a political crossroad where it has nowhere to go if better sense will not prevail with the stakeholders.

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We need to perceive the issue logically

Providing just a peep into the history of Horticulture in Kashmir and a glimpse of the metamorphosis of present day advanced Horticulture sector we should firmly believe that people of Sopore and adjoining areas have a solid case with logic to plead for hosting the proposed Horticulture university.

For the last more than a month, a debate about the establishment of proposed Horticulture university has been going on in newspapers and other forums. An interesting debate! Where some people favour the government’s plans to establish the university at Wadoora (Sopore) campus of Sher-I Kashmir University of Agriculture Science and Technology (SKUAST) and others plead otherwise. In the contemporary social system, each citizen and group have every right to wish to their own liking and convenience and plead the matter accordingly. However, even in a democracy, every citizen is morally bound to assess his mandate and logic for what he or she is asking or imploring for.

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Unrest taking a heavy toll on fair administration!

Explanation and accountability are the worst victims of unrest culminating into exploitation, corruption and vested interest of favouritism.

It is almost seven decades now that Kashmir has not been politically as calm as most other parts of the subcontinent are. With earlier occasional voices of dissent, Kashmir conflict has changed to its worst form since 1988. The unrest in Kashmir has now passed on to the fourth generation with totally different shape and dimensions. The present unrest has started revealing its far-reaching ramifications both at local and international levels. Kashmir and Kashmir conflict is not an ordinary issue that can be brushed under the carpet to be deliberated upon at some other occasion at one’s own convenience. The impact of unrest has touched almost every facet of Kashmiri life. Our indigenous politics has become so murky that Plato’s saying ‘One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors ‘holds very true in Kashmir. Economy, education, culture, and bio-network too have got badly harmed. But the worst hit is the administration and the objective system of governance.

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