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I knew it is, but didn’t know the level of bitterness I faced!

The other day, against all my wishes, I paid a visit to my boss beyond prescribed working hours. During the informal chat we discussed several social issues in a very cordial atmosphere. During the discussion, work culture, collection of field data and subsequent computation and application of such data became Centre point of our discussion. Such healthy, cordial and friendly discussions allow the subordinates to unwind, discuss issues related to their work and organisation frankly. However, during the deliberations my point regarding some unsatisfactory field information regarding Prime Ministers flagship soil health scheme did not go well with my boss. I almost contradicted the stand of my boss with logic, reasoning and facts.  My honest and realistic assertion regarding gap between ground situation and the records on paper was brushed aside in a very tactical manner. I was made to accept the collective position, though not really the realistic stand. My contradictory opinion ruined the whole discussion and I myself felt little uncomfortable. I could sense that the inside of my boss got annoyed. Though, he tried the best of his psychological skills to keep his calm and make me feel comfortable, but his annoyance was visible on his otherwise glowing face. I could feel and clearly make-out the pressure of my apparently transgressing but realistic statement on the being of my boss. Yet, in a matter of minutes the pressure on his psyche within bubbled like a saline spring of words. Very discreetly, he correlated my frank contention regarding facts to a Kashmiri maxim. An adage related to the foolishness of a groom at his in-laws house on his first visit after marriage. Now I too tried to be tactical and laughed off his indecent and annoying correlation of my factual stand with foolishness.   Read More Is truth bitter?

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After all we uphold democracy as principle!

Respected Mufti Mohammad Syed Sahib,
I am a diehard fan of democracy—a democracy that not only preaches freedom and equality but delivers it too. The beauty of real democracy is that it empowers the people and simultaneously reminds them of their responsibilities. I am not here to lecture a political and administrative doyen of your standing about democracy, but I am trying to make a point and draw your kind attention towards plight of lesser mortals.

Anyways, politics and political shadows on administrative setup aside, I and many people like me have a genuine grievance that I have personally been agitating relentlessly for the last more than three decades of my public life. The menace of monstrous favoritism! Favoritism along with its genetically identical sibling corruption took its roots in early sixties of last century when Kashmiri people were very fondly tasting and relishing their premature democracy. Since then it made gradual inroads into vital systems of our day to day life. It is now a full bloomed disease that requires enormous political and administrative will to weed it out. Favoritism has a long history. However, allowing it to flourish under the wings of democracy is the worst situation of infraction. Through these lines, I am not here to blame your political wisdom and administrative acumen while checking the menace of favoritism, but we were expecting a visible change that was promised and was expected of an able administrator of your capability and stature. Read More Open letter to the CM

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……… which I have not been able to realise yet!

I am Kashmir. I have a written history of more than five thousand years. Several historians have chronicled my plight over the centuries and written marvellous histories. Kalhana’s, Rājataraṃgiṇī, meaning “The river of Kings” is one of the finest chronicles that had documented me, my people and my earlier Royals in a more eloquent way.  Some distant travellers visiting the subcontinent have mentioned about my beauty, my treasure of knowledge and rich culture. However, I have been robbed, plundered and devastated many a time and my people treated as slaves by several tyrannical rulers. I have survived much of onslaught from outsiders and faced many conspiracies evolving out of my own womb. No more speculations please. You may have got it? I am Kashmir—once land of prosperity under the rulers like Zain-ul-Abidin and now a land of gloom, despair and destruction. Like every beautiful creation of Almighty, I too had a dream—a dream to live a prosperous and peaceful life; provide a loving space to my people within my bosom with motherly affection. Read More I Had A Dream

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Given the times we live in, perhaps not!

With life changing for worse, the old saying ‘ honesty is the best policy’ seems to have lost its sheen. In the existing inconsistent society dishonesty is no more an intolerable flaw. Alongwith materialism, favoritism and pretentiousness, dishonesty is the most cherished peculiarity in contemporary societal order. Such change in social system and in our mental outlook is good neither for mankind nor overall system of life. It is the duty of sociologists to study this unfavorable shift in our collective values and decode the degeneration in the social order. Read More Is honesty still the best policy?

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The scene is getting increasingly gloomier!

Few decades earlier imparting education was the noblest profession and teachers were very often respected more than the guardians. But, unfortunately the once holy profession of teaching has now become a money-spinning business. Over the period of time, particularly during the last three decades both government administered education system and the private run educational institutions have failed miserably in providing value based quality education. Government institutions with adequate infrastructure and well qualified teaching staff were unable to deliver and their results at the end of the academic sessions proved dismal both qualitatively and quantitatively. However, the private sector managed their performance of numbers but their quality of education cannot be termed satisfactory by any standards. Most of the times this knowledge paralysis can be observed only to the level of ten plus two and beyond that it is a level playing field where private sector is unable to compete with the state run education organizations. Read More Privatised Education

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There has to be some law of the land that must prevail!

There is no second opinion about abysmal working condition of police force in India. Much of police force in the whole subcontinent is not only overburdened but extremely stressed. In India police reforms are overdue for long. Police reforms are urgently required to address working condition of the forces as well as their behaviour while on duty; as being a well-ordered force the police have to show and prove beyond doubt their exemplary discipline and dedication towards their work with the highest degree of honesty and impartiality.

Now, how has the situation improved on account of police public relationship? Post 1947 when ‘Raj’ ceased to operate in this part of world, even in absence of justifiable police reforms  not much has changed and more needs to be done so that we come somewhere close to civilized societies and claim of being subjected to benevolent policing. Experts of police and policing will laugh off my ‘benevolence’ remark, but even after six decades of much hyped empowerment if we are not having access to kind, respectable, honest and impartial policing then the whole conception of democracy is absurd.  What is fate of people who approach police for filing FIRs? Not satisfactory by any means. Most of the times, story of ‘rules are for fools’ holds good while approaching law enforcing authorities. In case of rich and powerful every act is cognizable and for lesser mortals delaying is the best ploy to scare them away from recourse to law. Read More Fate of my FIR