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The whole administration is about two things- Respect and Justice

Open Letter to President, Kashmir Administrative Officers Association.

Anyways, whatever your agenda and guiding force to unite, I am here to have a positive interaction with you regarding recent incidents of unpleasant confrontation between officers of your fraternity and staff of other departments

It is a privilege to converse with the leader of an elite group of officers of the state administration. Many people out of malice don’t recognize your organization with a premise that there is no provision of trade unionism with state’s gazetted services. whatever the rules say, I personally acknowledge every association where several likeminded people with common and justified agenda unite to strive for their cause. So, your organization fits well with my idea of an association, that too when the overall situation of our everyday life is like famous Pakistani poet Ahmad Faraz’s couplet, “Mera Us Sheher-E-Adawat Mein Basera Hai Jahan, Log Sajdon Mein Bhi Logon Ka Bura Sochtay Hain…!”.

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Let private sector flourish, but not as a money-minting industry. It has to be a mission to teach and learn

These statements of the honorable education minister in the context of existing monstrous tuition scenario in the state has opened a whole new debate and made the task of streamlining the existing education set-up more challenging.

Any state with flawed education is a nation with no real wealth to shine. People lacking prospects of quality education are more often vulnerable to abuse and deprivation. In the contemporary era, every aspect of life is related to scope and value of education. Empowerment, progress, and well-being are vital issues that get perceptible impetus from real learning and knowledge. State of Jammu and Kashmir over the period of time has shown significant growth on education front since 1947. Consequently, ushering a new era of empowerment and emancipation for a nation suppressed for centuries. However, with unethical race in expansion and unrestricted corruption, some vital aspects of education got severely compromised.

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The recent happenings make us revise the text of democracy

The worst conflict, particularly during last more than two decades has brought Kashmir to a perilous situation of death and destruction.

Indian democracy is now seven decades old. In comparison to its immediate neighbours, it has flourished swiftly with the active participation of common man. However, even after seventy years, Indian democracy cannot be termed yet complete and perfect. Lack of education and poverty are the main reasons for common man not enjoying the absolute equality and fairness. Within a democracy safety of the citizens (read subjects) is the paramount duty of its rulers more so when the citizen is in its custody. Even autocratic rulers would consider the safety of their subjects as the essence of their ‘Rajdharma’. Many abrasions are bound to occur in an emerging democracy but guarantee to someone’s life, honour and property are fundamentals of fairness and the ultimate duty of the state. Many incidents of custodial deaths and harm to inmates in the country over the period of time are well documented and in many cases, the perpetrators were rightly and adequately punished as per the law. The worst Bhagalpur blinding of undertrials in 1980 in the state of Bihar put the then budding Indian democracy to a strenuous test. And at that time the apex court had to intervene and in a landmark judgment order compensation to the victims.     

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Is our healthcare system crumbling?

In the absence of proper facilities most of our doctors avoid working in rural areas and for last seven decades, we are unable to provide a conducive working atmosphere for doctors and health workers in places other than big hospitals.

Last month I skipped a routine appointment with cardiology department at SKIMS because of the prevailing N1H1 virus scare. No doubt the situation of swine flu was not that bad then, but recent deaths and rising number patients have created a situation of alarm. Particularly, the recent death of a college warden due to the virus under mysterious circumstances has put a question mark on our preparedness and professionalism. Anyways, this is just one virus that has put our healthcare system to test for last several years. In real terms, the overall condition of the state’s healthcare system is not that healthy as is being projected by its managers.

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Is Srinagar waiting patiently for another flood?

The whole Kashmir valley particularly the Srinagar basin with main water carrying (draining) structures passing through its middle is sitting on a ticking ‘flood bomb’ that can explode any time with no or very little warning time.

Srinagar and flood management are the two inseparable subjects and the two can’t be taken in isolation. Instead, the whole Srinagar basin stretched beyond the populated areas and including the adjoining water bodies, waterways and flood spill structures are part of any flood activity in this bowl. Many people believe that Kashmir floods have a fixed cycle and records of last more than a century also convey about a definite time cycle and pattern. However, the ecosystem of the valley was not under such stress, then, the way it is for last half a century. The pace at which our precious ground cover both on mountains and the plains of the valley is disappearing and because of other environmental mismanagements, it seems, in future not only all earlier flood cycle in Kashmir will go wrong but the patterns will be more ferocious.

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Is District Budgam heading towards an ecological disaster!

Now the current falling environmental status of Kashmir is known to almost everyone! We are losing precious forest and other soil covers because of greed and vandalization.

Until a few decades back, the valley of Kashmir was synonymous with untouched lofty mountain ranges, rolling meadows, virgin forest cover, crystal clear melodic streams, and a set of magnificently synchronized mesmeric seasons.  Now the current falling environmental status of Kashmir is known to almost everyone! We are losing precious forest and other soil covers because of greed and vandalization. Destabilizing and stripping of mountain ranges is going on unabated in the garb of development and connectivity. Water is getting polluted because of our greed and negligence. However even after huge intrusion and tampering with our ecosystem, if we wish we can stop short of eco-disaster and vigorously initiate restoring ecological normalcy to its virgin glory. Budgam is no different than other parts of Kashmir. It has suffered immensely on the environmental front. And this principle of salvation applies to district Budgam as well.

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