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How long shall we be losing precious lives?

Death of a young, charismatic man in his early twenties with a certain extreme ideology triggered a trail of killings! Scores of people who lost their lives after his death were less than thirty years. Aren’t these tragic killings an eye-opener for all stake-holders related to Kashmir conflict directly or indirectly? This is not the first incident of forceful and angry demonstrations in Kashmir. In recent past— year 2008, 2010 more than a hundred people, mostly young Kashmiries were martyred over issues that were not directly related to the basic Kashmir issue. The point is what makes the Kashmiris, particularly the younger people to react so aggressively? Obviously it is deep-rooted anger against a system, political dispensation that they find against their wishes. The situation becomes more complex with unabated exploitation, corruption, nepotism and much more that does not go well with the outlook of young, educated class with world information just a press of a button away. Kashmir and its people have gone a radical change during last thirty years. It is no more a Kashmir or Kashmiri that will swallow down any injustice or coercion so easily. Gone are the days when our elders would submit to any injustice without any resistance. With change in international politics, and social reforms world over Kashmir and its people have maintained a considerable pace with such developments. Moreover, like other parts of the India and world over Kashmiri population at present has more than fifty percent of young people who are below the age of thirty years. Read More Kashmir- Back to bloodshed!

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Are we in for the next flood?

2014 floods taught us much bigger lesson. This flood exposed our preparedness against such natural disaster of higher magnitude. Kashmir valley over the period of time has experienced a definite cycle of floods and may be our flood managers drawing hypothetical conclusions from the flood cycles and patterns will be expecting next large flood around 2114. But we should bear in our mind that next flood will not adhere to any set pattern because during last more than five decades we have not been so caring and kind towards our mother earth as was the case with our ancestors. We have greatly fiddled with the forest cover in catchment areas and ruined other ground cover to the extent of stripping. In absence of quality ground cover massive erosion have not only robbed our earth of it precious soil cover, but reduced excess water withholding and overall water holding capacity of our water bodies. Read More The Looming Threat

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Srinagar is now caught in utter darkness!

Once a splendid city, lying on the banks of river Jhelum Srinagar city was known for its beautiful gardens, rich culture, distinctive architecture and clarity in almost all fields of life. This city has a long history; some historians have documented it as Surya Nagar meaning ‘Sun City’ and others mentioned a lot about its proper planned habitation and wealth. Anyways, past is past, let us find what is in store for present day Srinagar and its dwellers. In twentieth century, when much of the world on developmental front has changed for the best and most of the cities have improved considerably, Srinagar seems to have changed for the worst. 2014 floods exposed the infrastructural capabilities of Srinagar and preparedness of its managers. It was only the mercy of Almighty that saved Srinagar residents.

The biggest bottleneck in proper development of Srinagar as a credible city is its flawed planning. During the last two decades Srinagar has grown manifolds in all directions violating existing civic and land use norms and rules. Mushrooming growth of unplanned and unauthorized colonies has ruined beautiful topographic features within and in the vicinity of Srinagar city. Once known for its beautiful gardens on the banks of its lakes and water bodies Srinagar city is now left with few gardens due to encroachments and flawed planning. Water basins in the south of city that would earlier accommodate excess runoff waters and help in recharging the ground water are shrinking because of administrative apathy and our greed. Foothills of zabarwan range are fast turning into concrete slums, not only chocking the Dal Lake but hampering recharging of the Lake.

Read More Once called Sun city

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Now that you are about to take charge, you have some grave issue to address!

After more than two months of being in denial mode you are about to take charge of state government as its first woman Chief Minister. We all know you are under tremendous pressure both at your own party and coalition level. Particularly, after the sad demise of your father a political vacuum got created within the PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) and you personally lost your political mentor and a loving father. Remarkably, after the demise of Mufti Sahib you managed every situation gracefully both at political and personal level. Personally, I was of the opinion that you should have taken over the administrative responsibility on the day one and dictated political terms to your alliance partners in a much comfortable and commanding position. Anyways, even your own choice of securing and strengthening your political position without power seems to have delivered to a great extent. When your late father cobbled his coalition after much haggling there were only two political possibilities, either to have BJP (Bharatiya Janta Party) on your side or go for fresh elections. The second option was practically impossible at that particular time as state mainly Kashmir valley and its people had suffered a lot due to September floods. Read More An open letter to Mehbooba Mufti

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We need to clean the system of all this mess.

Politics is as old as civilization. The literary meaning of politics is ‘making of a common decision for a group of people’. It is a social service that channelises and articulates the aspiration of people. Most of the Kashmir political canvas for the last more than five thousand years is dotted with intrigue, cruelty and exploitation. However, after the dawn of people’s politics, people had high hopes of equality and justice. But unfortunately our democracy was either premature or could not keep pace with other democracies in the world.

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Of coaching centers of Jammu and Kashmir.

No one can deny the contribution of coaching centers in the field of competitive education in Jammu And Kashmir State. For the last more than two decades there is a paradigm shift in imparting specialised education to younger generation, making them very much capable for sitting in competitive exams. And this result-oriented shift being a multi-pronged and an intensive strategy is visible almost in all fields, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

For the last several years we are made to believe these institutions are under the lens of state monitoring authorities. At several occasions to demonstrate their writ the authorities not only raided and checked these centers, but at occasions harassed various institutions without any valid reason. We heard of many policies, guidelines, and other rules on paper but on ground there in nothing but exploitation of gullible aspirants and their poor guardians at the hands of some unscrupulous education sellers.  Authorities have failed, largely in isolating the exploiters, curbing them and then providing a congenial atmosphere to the genuine stake holders for imparting quality education to our younger generation. Government should devise a clear-cut policy regarding private education sector by a proper lawmaking covering this most vital sector of private education as well. Coaching centers are unlike private schools where huge investment for infrastructure, human resource is an essential; a coaching center (particularly in Kashmir) can be run from a makeshift infrastructure with part-time human-resource and shortest possible working hours and time-frame. Such position, make the coaching centers most vulnerable establishments for exploitation and money minting. Read More The menace spreads…