CET Mess ! (BOPEE Paper Leak)

The story of shame and an opportunity to introspect….

We should sympathise with the probable aspirants who suffered on account of this scam, but personally I have more than ‘all sympathies’ with the former chairman Board of Professional Entrance Examination (BOPEE)  Mushtaq Ahmad Peer alleged to be the mastermind behind this scam. Why so much of commiseration for a person who is being condemned as devil by the whole society? Simple! He is not the real culprit; it is the materialistic society and putrid system that carved a devil out of an educated individual; and the practice of adoring the dishonest that has done the damage.

The former Chairman of BOPEE accused of bungling 2012 CET is product of disintegrating social system based on materialism and corruption. How could Mr. Peer and his gang even imagine of selling question papers and cheating intelligent and hardworking aspirants in a righteous society? Corrupt and deceptive political support and patronization encourages corruption and inculcates materialism within the society and administration, churning hundreds of Peers to preach and practice deception. In this particular case a receptive society of shameless people encouraged the swindlers to fiddle with the career of hundreds of aspirants and make their own conscience to suffocate for materialistic urge. So, along with fraudulent officers and officials of BOPEE ruined society and inexplicable administration are equally responsible for this shameful fraud. Administrative setup along with the political leadership cannot be absolved of this heinous crime committed against the educated, intelligent and hardworking younger generation.

Tainted officers, bankrupt society, shady political dispensation and complacent administration aside, this swindle of shame and deceit has crumbled BOPEE and discredited all other institutions of hope and trust. Common man has lost faith in theses organization. The internal system of checks and balances within the institutions have failed or deliberately made defunct by vested interests and this does not auger well for a responsible administrative system. At present only the entrance test examination for the year 2012 is under scanner and what about the earlier tests? We are unable to comprehend the enormity of damage made by this scam at all levels. Unfortunately, our politicians who are otherwise mostly responsible for this rot are drawing political mileage out of it by playing petty politics. Scam of such enormity cannot be planned and executed without support and patronage of bigwigs and people like Peer are small fry working at the behest of big shots. For investigating agencies it becomes necessary to investigate the matter thoroughly and find out the real power centre behind Mr. Peer and his shameful act. Investigation agencies have to work beyond their duty and fulfill their moral responsibly as conscious and vigilant members of the society by digging out the rot.  
One more aspect of this whole episode is the unethical practice of post retirement extensions and re-employments. Interestingly the accused swindler in question has enjoyed both post-retirement extension and reemployment. In these columns we had been pleading that by promoting officers and officials by circumventing set rules, showering post-retirement assignments and extensions government is not only encouraging nepotism but knowingly or unknowingly perpetuating rampant corruption within the administration and the society. The question paper scam is offshoot of this imprudent policy of government garnished with the nefarious intentions of certain vested interests within the administration. To absolve itself from this act of shame the present political dispensation should come out of the illusionary coalition dharma and appoint a high-power fact finding commission that will look into this sensitive issue, fix responsibilities, punish the guilty and suggest remedial measures honestly, impartially and sincerely.