Chandra Swamis and Darinder Brahmacharis of Kashmir.

Transformation of human being to social animal lead to mankind’s belief in supernatural power, and where from early worship of sun, water, animals and other objects lead to refined form of religion. Religion inculcates dicipline, value and contentment within its believers. Religion provides spiritual food for the psyche of mankind. Religion gives confidence and contentment and works as a bridge between human being and his Creator. Religion leads us in differentiating evil and good, sin and virtue. Religion helps in all round development of mankind; preaches and propagates justice, equality, compassion, love, tolerance and morality. In a secular society religion is a personal affair where pressures and compulsions are factors least exerted for choice of religion.

In our valley a large section of the population have opted for Islam as religion. I wont like to compare Islam with other faiths at the moment, as I don’t have mandate for the same. However the little knowledge I have about Islam as a Muslim makes me to believe firmly about its clear conception of justice, love, equality, tolerance and compassion.

Religion demands complete and absolute faith and devotion from its believers. Weak, breached, and halfhearted belief makes people to lean towards satanic or evil forces. Kashmir has been abode of Reshies Munies and many more spiritual souls from time immemorial. Even now our beautiful valley has apparently invisible patronage of spiritual souls who are exceptional by all means, have celestial favors showered on them because of their great values and virtues and complete understanding of the Creator. These spiritual souls always shun materialism, tend to remain away from glitzy of life with absolute feelings of contentment. They always concentrate on their meditation and keep their celestial channels open and lively.

Every walk of life is plagued with the disease of exploitation and religion in no way an exception. As I said religion demands absolute faith but when faith gets breached and becomes causality the staggering believer laden with burden of guilt becomes victim of exploitation. Our society for long has been victim of religious, rather belief exploiters. This exploitation is not nascent in nature but is existing since long. Darvesh, Peer (not peerzadas) andBaab are some names given to these extolled exploiters by their followers or clients. All sort of divine powers and miracles are attributed to them. These belief exploiters who are nothing more than untrained or ill trained psychologists with devil’s bent of mind and exploitation of halfhearted believers their sole motto and profession. Usually clad in made-to-order robes and typical getup, they pose to be spiritual and religious maven. These Baabs, Darveshes, Peers and Chaelas some times carry unique prefixes or post fixes with their names, like Bangalie (Bengali), Saref (derived from Kashmiri word  ‘Surf’meaning snake) and much more. I had an accidental chance to meet one such thug named Bangalie in the scenic area of Bandipora around the famous Walur Lake some twenty years back. The fellow after putting me through the short sessions of brainwash and gimmickry asked about my marital and financial status for reasons best known to him and resorted to all sort of absurdity. He even showed us his meditation room. A room full of different kinds of knives and hanging chains depicting a situation of fright. This Bangalie some thing managed to extract some money from me even after my reluctance and tough resistance. These Baabs et al practice all tricks of deceit, moral and financial exploitation and emotional blackmailing. They have all sort of followers, or clients ranging from dishonest businessmen, so called elite, corrupt beurocrates to deceitful politicians. Corruption, dishonesty, moral degradation and materialism leads to breaches in religious belief and the believers start drifting away from the true faith and this all leads to the opium laden trap of these exploiters. All dishonest and degraded people have a common agenda and their destination is same. This burgeoning clan ofBaabs, chaelas and so-called Darveshes who are otherwise blackmailers in the guise of spiritual healers entrap these morally bankrupt people. They have developed a vicious circle, in a situation of quagmire rife with religion and spiritual exploitation. The modus operandi of these thugs is unique and selective, based on simple laws of probability, hit and trial methods and they deal all their subjects individually for bringing them into a homogeneous commune of exploited exploiters. Neither I am envious or against the people claming to have spiritual powers (or really bestowed with the same by the All mighty) nor I want to cast aspersions on such people. However when they feel conceited and start trading these powers or want to create an enterprise out of it by resorting to deceit and exploitation that is deplorable. These religious exploiters have now turned to a new lucrative business of working as middlemen, facilitators and contacts. They facilitate murky deals between greedy businessmen and corrupt beaurocrates and politicians against a consideration or cut in the deal. After complete command and control over their victims they make them to sing to their tune. Thus these traders of spirituality act as rallying point for all sort of illegal, immoral and anti social activities. These exploiters who exploit in the name of religion and spirituality harbor criminals, perpetuate crime, preach deceit, dishonesty, and encourage immorality. Corrupt people get all sort of refuge within the premises of these mesmerizing thugs. Favouritism and nepotism flourishes with the blessings and patronage of these value and virtue less satanic souls.

Majority of these Baabs and Chaelas are otherwise illiterate and lack all sort of moral and conventional education, but they are bubbling springs of satanic knowledge and are great masters of deceit and exploitation. Isn’t it shameful that in this age of knowledge and science these illiterates, uneducated and value less people influence the selection of election candidates, elections and ultimate political agenda of our society? Policy making get doses of interference from them for their (their client’s) ulterior motives. It is quite unfortunate they influence the selection of our officers, technocrats and manage to maneuver merit lists through their influential clients. Even intellectuals some times find temporary solace in the company of these traders of spirituality and religion. This clan of exploiters decides people’s dress code and food habits. Every thing gets settled and resolved on their apparently modest but powerful seats. Their hidden hand is every where in every sphere of our day to day life through their all power full clients. We never find these Baabs living or staying in the company of poor or downtrodden people. They always keep company of rich, influential, prominent and power full.

As far as I have little knowledge of religion these exploiters have no place in the religion. These Chandra Swamis and Dharinder Bhramcharies have no place in our society. They are mere exploiters and sinners of first order.

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