Changing Trends

From shoddy bureaucracy over to opiated politics.

While reading these lines people should not generalize the opinion about bureaucracy and the bureaucrats. Instead, they should utilize their positive thinking to separate the worst from the lot and isolate them forever. Bureaucracy, the most complex system of our administration, burdened with excessive red tape and thinning values has a history of its own. By all means bureaucracy is subservient to political hierarchy, but presently bureaucracy has overpowered and overrun every institution of modern governance. Currently bureaucracy is so dominant that more often politicians meekly surrender to its manipulative diktats. Even after all offered authority (both overt and covert) almost every bureaucrat, all along, cherishes a secret wish to be in the shoes of—Politicians. Changing from civil service to politics is not new. Prior to abolition of British rule, People like Subhash Chander Bose, Morarji Desai and many more left the lucrative ICS (Indian Civil Service) to embrace politics and even after independence many prominent bureaucrats’ joined political mainstream; most prominent among them was former union minister Yeshwant Sinha. Many other stories of transition from bureaucracy to politics are noticeable almost in every region and part of Indian union.

Of late, a section of our own bureaucracy within the state preferred to achieve its dream of absolute power through politics. Preferably, most of them joined the bandwagon of politics after completing their innings; only few left their careers halfway to taste the unlimited power of politics. Surge for conversion seems to be more prominent since inception of coalition politics and almost every major political setup is under the pressure of this mania. In certain cases the changeover is for better, to serve the people with more authority and command. However, majority of switchovers are merely for personal gains; to get immunity from prosecution for their committed sins and hide lapses during their tenure of civil service. Unfortunately, until recently in this part of the world most of the bureaucrats were craftily elevated and imposed because of their influence and proximity to ruling class, thus lacking requisite standards. So, with invasion of such shoddy and overambitious class of people into politics, entire rot of nepotism, corruption and inefficiency will ultimately build up within our political spectrum, making the entire polity murkier. While welcoming people into politics, Political parties of all shades should consider every request and intention on merits and resolutely discourage every clandestine ingression.

Politics is the ultimate and time-tested system of making collective decisions in the best interest of the people and no civilized society can afford tainted polity. In contemporary world politics is losing its shine and sheen because of undesired intrusions by corrupt and unprincipled people. Any further exposure to exploitation will ruin the whole concept of justified governance through political arrangements. Political dispensation in the state should not allow its groups to provide cover to tainted and sought after civil servants. These deceitful elements will not only blemish the image of such political parties, but will also use them as launching pads for scheming mandate to further fleece the common man. It becomes imperative for every political entity not only to continue with cleansing itself but also insulate its system against all deceitful incursions. Politically torn state of Jammu and Kashmir cannot accept a fresh onslaught of political exploitation at the hands of proclaimed offenders of deceit and dishonesty. Once exploiting people of this state for decades and subjecting them to pain and deception they cannot anymore make them to endure further sufferings, that too in the garb of opiated politics. Isn’t it shameful to shift venues and garbs to carry on with misuse of power and authority? After getting enough of shoddy appointments, discriminatory elevations and promotions, how can someone become licensed to practice politics and extort more authority to cheat people of this state? Swindlers have no face to hide! So, we should not expect reasoning and compassion from them. But, our political range at large has to assert itself according to the set norms of civilized politicking and should discourage all such trends on the onset of their emergence. In the first instance they should determinedly say big ‘No’ to all tainted civil servants.

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