Corruption & Accountability Commission.

If reports are to be believed, Bihar and corruption are quite inseparable and corruption rules and governs every aspect of life in Bihar. So Bihar is synonymous with corruption. We Kashmiries as a whole and our state have been ranked second to Bihar by a recent survey by an independent agency making us second most corrupt society in India. How credible are these surveys, I am not here to commit on this issue. But it is a fact; we are one of the corrupt societies of the present times.

Corruption is an old practice and earlier morality, honesty and values were antidote to corruption; vigil and policing were also adopted to contain it; later on other agencies were pressed in to service to check the menace of corruption. Unfortunately corruption defeated all hurdles and impediments, rising as a force to cross barriers of honesty, morality and sincerity. The major factor to boost corruption is materialism and the urge to have more and more embraced and resorted to, by the most of humankind at the moment. Corruption is proving killer of our values and has become so tenacious that only a great force and amount of dedication and ruthlessness will loose its grip on our society.  Corrupt people bloated from having all sort of ill got wealth, never feel contended at any point of time. Their urge for having more rubbish pushed down into their bellies makes them mad and shame less. Even celestial power will not restrain corrupt people and eradicate corruption, but a brute force has to be used to discourage corrupt practices and crush the corrupt elements. And we as a society have to change ourselves; inculcate values; shun materialism and live a life based on principles of equality, sincerity, honesty and impartiality.

The inception of accountability commission by the state government to check; ultimately eradicate the menace of corruption and tame (because corrupt people are like animals) corrupt elements is a welcome step. It apparently seems the commission is a complete independent agency with jurisdiction and powers to try every one; rich and mighty; even the highest authority in the government. The fate of earlier agencies designated to investigate and root-out the menace of corruption is known to all. The tentacles of corruption has eaten up these investigating agencies and made them sick and ultimately redundant. Their pace and achievement in curbing corruption is inconsequential. We hope the accountability commission will not meet the same fate, that of these agencies. Our administrators, investigators and legal luminaries who floated and shaped this much vital idea and conception of accountability might have applied their mind to plug all earlier loopholes in the system of curbing corruption and corrupt practices. In its infancy a personality of great stature, creditability and integrity has been chosen to head the commission, who is capable to deliver justice speedily and perfectly. But in future to maintain sanctity, selection process of accountability commission head should be free from any direct or indirect interference from the political authority, bureaucracy or even the judiciary. This all can be had by some incorporated constitutional provisions and binding for selecting people for this position.

Earlier agencies for eradication of corruption used to get all sort of complaints; along with genuine pleas. The mafia of corrupt people misleads these agencies from time to time by putting a huge burden of bogus and misleading complaints on these agencies. There is no mechanism to differentiate between a genuine and a false or malicious complaint and no agency can afford to ignore and dismiss any complaint summarily. The corrupt gangsters had been exploiting all other loopholes to make investigating agencies over-stretched and weary of investigations leading nowhere. As we all know in every system there are some bad patches or moles here and there that mislead their own system from the path of transparency. These bad patches are very hard to locate and can damage the whole system with out getting noticed for long.

Secondly complainant or the aggrieved that approach the agencies are quite exposed and vulnerable to any assault by the organized and well knit mafia of corrupt people. The corruption is so organized here that corrupt gangsters can pull and eliminate any of their opponents and impediments with ease and without any accountability. The present commission has to take care of all these aspects and avoid any pre-conviction embracement to innocent and provide all possible protection to complainants and its source. If these areas are not taken care of properly nobody will approach commission with genuine information and complaint and thus this conception of accountability will die its own death, and the corrupt commune will be the winner with their tactics of creating fear psychosis and intimidation.

Any authority or commission which is dependent for financial support can never deliver justice particularly when the fate of government and instruments of governance will be within the ambit of its investigating and trying authority. This commission has to be financially self-sufficient and sound for trying and judging people and government independently. The commission can make arrangements to charge a nominal fee in the shape of postal orders or revenue stamps from the complainant. This will reduce the number of bogus, misleading and malicious  complaints and the commission will be quite independent financially and can decide with out any fear or favor.

Our corruption levels have approached a mark where it has paralyzed the whole system of governance, justice and values. Now this effort of accountability if handled sincerely is the last resort for eradicating corruption peacefully.

The failure of this sincere effort (accountability commission) will prove flash point for eruption of a brute, violent and cruel volcano against corruption and corrupt people. The sufferers of corrupt practices will be instrumental in spearheading the violent crusade against corrupt people and will prove deterrent against corruption. The forts of wealth and castles of hope erected by corrupt exploiters will be raised to ground; they will be lynched and defaced to the extent where they can not be even recognized. A great force of exploited lot and suffers of corruption will surge on the fore front to demolish every bit and inch of corruption and corrupt people. There will be cries and pleas for mercy but alas! It will be too late to expect mercy.

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