Disintegrated Hurriyat!

They must shun their egoes and unite…

Another split in Hurriyat! Since its formation, facing many vertical and horizontal splits Hurriyat is so battered that present cracks appear a routine affair within once vibrant conglomerate of political and social resistance in Kashmir. King size ego of Hurriyat leaders, narcissism and individual political interest of its constituents and leaders has made Hurriyat Conference politically redundant. Obviously, from day one Hurriyat was suffering from mistrust and egoism because of its heterogeneity both in political ideology and attitude of its leaders. However, at that point of time the developing political situation of death and destruction and ensuing political vacuum obligated the whole belligerent leadership to compromise. The armed aspect of resistance movement also played a vital role in taming these individual leaders into a unified political face of resistance against political bullying. Sorry to say, the moment impact of armed struggle started fading these leaders went back to their roots, slicing and disintegrating Hurriyat for their own interests and political considerations. And thus, the situation we are in!

During two decades of its formation Hurriyat has experienced many ups and downs. Separation of Muhammad Yasin Malik of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) from factional All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) was a blow to APHC but the most crucial split in Hurriyat was when Syed Ali Shah Geelani severed its links from united Hurriyat and founded its own political platform. Of course, Pakistan played a crucial role in shaping and later on unifying Hurriyat, but ever-growing factionalism within Hurriyat  compelled this traditional supporter of Kashmir issue to think otherwise and pursue its own and exclusive agenda on Kashmir—an agenda of bilateral interests rather than emotional aspect of Kashmir dispute. At the time of its inception in political arena of Kashmir politics Hurriyat was taken seriously by Indian polity and knowingly or unknowingly given enough political space, although Indian leadership never welcomed any native Kashmiri voice, that too in a unified shape. Policy makers at Delhi utilized every source and force at its command to destabilize this, otherwise, loose political and social confederation voicing resentment against suppression. However, with gradual disintegration of Hurriyat, Kashmir strategist in Delhi will be having the last laugh. With a sarcastic view they will be celebrating what they could not achieve even after spending huge amount of money and utilizing every possible source and was practically possible with simple repulsive human character of political  insatiability and ego brewing within the conglomerate and the psyche of its bunch of insensitive leaders.
Two decades is a long time to deliver. But instead of delivering and negotiating a tangible solution for vexed Kashmir issue as per the long and much cherished aspirations of people of Kashmir and to the satisfaction of people of India and Pakistan Hurriyat Conference has confined itself to plush offices, seminars and occasional selective foreign tours. Sticking to any outdated blueprint without adjusting to changing order of world politics and alliances is rigidness and history is full of failures for such rigidity. Although, adjustments cannot and should not be stretched to the extent of compromise with fundamentals and basic principles of empowerment and emancipation but at the same time inflexibility for the sake of safeguarding one’s own political stature and glorification cannot be allowed at the cost of millions of sufferers. Festering sore of vexed Kashmir dispute requires a solution, not politicking. It requires a leadership that can lead and defuse the propaganda of everything being hunky-dory on Kashmir political front, propagated by so-called mainstream politicians; leadership that is able to negotiate with authority. It will be a great service on their part not only for the oppressed people of Kashmir but to the whole region.
Time has come that these self-proclaimed ineffective leaders of Kashmiri people who were given a long rope and an extended period of two decades to lead this suppressed nation, either shun their ego and unite.