Dog’s Day

Thursday 2nd of January should have been like any other routine days for me; morning walk, newspapers, office and in the evening a session with my computer. But I had to fight the day with one of the mankind’s familiar and an important member of animal kingdom ‘Dog’.

Usually I have to confront many a canines (searching through big heaps of garbage) during my morning walks. They are always so engaged with their search that they get no time to indulge with any passer-by, but Thursday was some special day, D-day ‘Dog’s Day’. A dog landed in front of me leaving his whole heap of delicious food (garbage) so as to have a different taste. I got scared, harassed. For few seconds my cerebrospinal fluid almost froze and I was unable to decide, what to do. An advice from my alders, ‘not to scare and run away the moment any dog attacks you’ inspired me to handle the situation and I made a slow and steady retreat as if pretending not to annoy the doggy. I had to cut short my walk and hurried back to home. Thank God; A close shave, no bite and no anti- rabies doses.

On work, while the incident was haunting me, I got a about the visit of some senior officers of the administration, regarding relocation of historic Shri Pratab museum. With my many co-workers I went in the vicinity of the museum to make arrangements for smooth visit of guests. While doing our official duty a big contingent of dogs came out from behind a security bunker and made a full-flagged assault on us. With lot of efforts we managed the assault and cleared the area from these canines. Dog ghost was haunting me.

I was lucky to escape from the bite but we should think of unluckier ones. The dog population in Srinagar city has touched explosive levels. We have a big Municipal council (now it is much bigger after local body elections) and an over enthusiastic health officer, who make exaggerated statements regarding tackling of dog menace in the city. Let our civic body be serious and get the dog population to tolerable levels, otherwise it will snow ball into a big problem. I don’t recommend all out onslaught, as dogs are best scavengers but a balance is must for survival of dogs as well as city dwellers. I think to continue with my uninterrupted morning walks and not to annoy canine fraternity; I should say ‘Dogs will excuse me please’.

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