Is Dooms-Day today?

Don’t know that, but do know that we are already doomed by a valueless system…

Interesting but astounding! The world will end on December 21 (that’s today). This is so because the Mayan calendar is expiring; the planet Nibiru is about to hit Earth: or because galactic alignment will cause hidden asteroids to hit earth with a big bang. For the last many weeks hype about doomsday issue is getting more and more severe the world over and a recent survey reveals that every tenth person in developed and knowledgeable country like America is worried about Doomsday—Prophesied to be falling on 21 December 2012. Unlike many oversensitive Americans and other phobic people let me not become party to this shocking climax of foretelling by an ethnic group—Mayan civilization. However, I keep my fingers crossed till the end of December 2012 and hope for the most realistic and logical conclusion of doomsday theory and particularly that of Mayan apocalypse hypothesis mostly influenced and interpreted by the ending of their calendar. 
In existing materialistic world  bereft of values and virtues our speculations, apprehensions and worries about doomsday should have been of least concern as we human-beings are already terribly doomed and subjected to excessive misery and pain. Even after attaining and achieving most of the worldly benefits we feel intense hollowness within ourselves and our mindset. Damned to the extent that we as human-beings are fast losing our distinguished social animal character that puts us over and above all other animals. Over the period of time when Mayans and other likeminded groups had first prophesied the end of the world the world order dominated by the human race had experienced drastic changes—degraded values and waning spirituality.
Can doomsday be more catastrophic than what we are experiencing today in almost every sphere of our life? Annihilation of races, decimation of civilizations and fellow human beings to pursue egoistic agenda of expansionism, extreme materialism, and unabated corruption of all sorts; rape, plunder and female feticide prevalent in contemporary world in real sense is true manifestation of disaster and adversity. The only difference between currently miserable world and the doomsday will be that the existing situation is killing and will kill us and our coming generation slowly over a much longer period of time and on the other hand doomsday will ruin us all in one go and will relieve us of enduring disaster and sufferings. So by all means doomsday is more lucrative a deal for present human race—blessing in disguise. It will lessen their misery and they will rid them of continuing pain and agony. In present world mankind is losing his battle on all fronts other than greed and corruption. 
Social setup influenced by materialistic mindset is in disarray almost in ever part of the world; environmental picture of planet earth is highly hit by excessive and covetous interference by different human races and regions. Military invasions, political intrusions, regional expansions and bulling of lesser mortals is presently order of the world politics and at present even the earlier much cherished moral values , influential religious and spiritual authorities are not proving much effective  deterrents.   
With due regard to every sect, religious order and scientific fraternity who are directly or indirectly related with the doomsday theories and their negation, I most humbly request every soul on this planet to introspect as true social animals and locate the reasons behind our greed, materialism, egotism and  destructive mindset. Instead of predicting doom and doomsday let them make mankind aware of the much bigger disaster of crumbling humanity, collapsing civilizations, and disintegrating societies, proving enduring doom-laden life for mankind.