Land of Slogans

Turning pages of history reveal Indian subcontinent been the most resourceful and economically rich over a long period of time in the past and had attracted many invaders from all neighboring and far off places. Ultimately British by deceit and crafty manipulations in Mughal era and afterwards, defeating French and pushing away Portuguese established their rule in India in the guise of ‘East India Company’. Later overpowering whole of the Indian subcontinent. The divide and rule policy of English proved best tool for suppression and also gradually drifted apart the two major religious groups in the region. After ruling with an iron hand, when English were about to leave, the whole area was battered on all fronts  but British think-tank considered undivided India a prospective threat to their capitalist order chalked out a comprehensive plan- dividing India on religious lines. This Herculean task was entrusted to a soft spoken Mountbatten and his charming lady who managed and directed the actors of partition so nicely and achieved British agenda with precision. Partition was not the sole motto of British but they ensured that this whole area remains battered and wounded in future as well. The partition was so tailored and conditioned that it paved way for further disintegration and hatred within the partitioned countries. British succeeded and their virus of distrust and hatred is doing its job nicely even now.

Kashmir problem is the outcome of all this manipulation of the British and their Raj. It can not be denied that Kashmir imbroglio has its roots embedded in historic distortions spread over several centuries. Subjugation and oppression has been fate and part of Kashmiri life even before British rule. It was not only at the hands of foreign invaders that Kashmiries have suffered, but even its immediate neighbors from plains were on the fore front to get Kashmir under their boots. After British consolidated themselves in whole of India the fate of Kashmiries was same as other Indians. But the dawn of freedom which came with a bloody note of partition did not shine in this beautiful part of Gods creation. This was the most unrealistic and unfortunate outcome of an unusual dawn manipulated and prompted by British on the midnight of 14th and 15th August 1947.The beautiful little fry (Kashmir) was left as a bait and was trampled, divided and torn by over enthusiastic independent fish (countries) leaving it to pain for ever.

The present Kashmir problem escalated by egoistic approach and attitude of independent countries (which came into being after 1947 partition) their successive leadership- and a band of local politicians working as catalyst.The post 1947 Kashmir became a hot bed of conspiracies and plots. Opportunistic, political elite provided fuel to all these conspiracies but certainly at a cost, in their favor. The Kashmir and its people sandwiched between two heavy weights and under the gawk of international imperialistic and capitalistic vultures were never left alone to live in peace. The political scene here was maneuvered by one and all in their favor bothering least about the aspirations of the people of Kashmir.

Kashmiries like all other people in the subcontinent aspiring and yearning for peace and independence rallied behind a unified leadership to achieve its goal but alas! That leadership treated this oppressed lot like a dumb driven cattle and did not seek a word of approval at crucial junctures of deciding its fate and future. It can not be denied that this popular leadership was shackled with invisible chains of conspiracies and hypocrisy by its so called big brothers. The big brothers behaved oddly when their own interests; self designed and imposed principles came in between. Our leadership at that juncture had to behave like leaders not as politicians but they could not deliver the goods, and historians are, and will remain at cross roads while categorizing their character and achievements (if any).

The political systems and leadership which took control of Kashmir after 1953 are   best known as imposed leaders and their contribution to ruin the political prospects of permanent settlement of Kashmir problem in accordance to the wishes of Kashmiries and to the satisfaction of both India and Pakistan is no where hidden. This political oligarchy (it will be unfair to call them leaders) had only motto to remain clinched to power and satisfy their materialistic urge. Kashmiries blame them for all their sins they have committed but frankly we should blame them for the biggest sin of ruining the prospects of peaceful solution of Kashmir problem in a systemic and gradual manner and endangering  peace, not only in the subcontinent but that of the whole world. The bait of power thrown at the face of these value and virtue less politicians made them blind and ignorant towards their own future and that of generations to come. These politicians adopted all sort of political nomenclature and shape evolving on the political scene of our big brother countries. From religious fundamentalist to communists, capitalists to socialists all governed and exploited this place with deceit and political jugglery. Political arrangements in Kashmir were and are even now so shame less that they keep on changing their colours like chameleon; befooling people; but simultaneously leave no stone unturned in achieving their hidden agenda of clinching to power and ultimately ruining the prospects of peaceful political solution of Kashmir problem. Some time I doubt weather they know what they are doing but if we turn the pages of unwritten history with patience and without any bias the answer is yes, they know of their assignment and are getting paid for that.

The subsequent political developments at the end of last century and their changing shape again lacked sincere leadership. Kashmir and its innocent people suffered a lot and got many more wounds; death and destruction danced in every corner of this wonderful abode of poor Kashmiries. Every one except the poor Kashmiri wants to keep this hearth of violence on fire for baking their political bread. So called mainstream politicians were always involved in lead taking battles within them selves for making maximum gains out of political instability and saviors of Kashmir also picked up this art so easily. They are doing no good by preaching values but practicing narcissism. Kashmir has to come out of all this for the peace and prosperity of the whole world and mankind.

1947 onwards- rai-shumari, naya-kashmir, autonomy, azadi, ilhaq-pakistan and now self rule these all proved to be mere slogans floated by different political traders for their own benefits. These traders fueled the furnace of their political factories with the flesh, blood and honor of poor Kashmiries. They should now very humbly wind up their shops and leave this oppressed lot to its fate as we firmly believe – Khuda ke haan daer hai andher nahi.

Kashmir problem has a solution and this big task can be accomplished only if better sense will prevail with both India and Pakistan. Maximum share of harvest out of peaceful solution of Kashmir will go to the people of these two nations and Kashmiries will get only peace and a long bumpy road to trudge for it future prospects and development.

If we (Pakistan, India, and Kashmiries) want to contribute some thing to mankind, we should part with the virus of hatred and animosity inoculated by British in our system; forget our past (only political) and start with a new dawn of peace, sincerity, love and hope. Let us make a new beginning, carrying every body with, for a shining, prosperous and peaceful future for the whole world and its inhabitants. Let us work as a flagship of peace for resolving deeper conflicts like Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, many more and of course Kashmir.

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