Manipulated Democracy.

If democracy is government of the people, by the people, for the people then how long should we carry on the baggage of so called elite, privileged and their unending priorities. Equal rights and parity are fundamentals of a democratic setup; this is what I understand of democracy and what we should get out of the system of real democracy. Since 1947the time when colonialism was made to bow before the will of people and pave way for an era of equal rights and self determination, the whole subcontinent embraced and adapted democracy as a system of governance and we in India were toping the list. If democracy is only emancipation of poor, underprivileged and exploited and not bringing the whole society at par then I am sorry we had to seek and fight for a different system of equality and parity.

Feudal systems, aristocracies, monarchies, kingdoms, riyasats, and jagirs could survive only by resorting to exploitation through privileges and priorities, if people have to face same even now then the whole exercise of turning to democracy is futile.  In democracy powers are vested with the representatives not as a matter of right and privilege but they are custodians of these powers, to exercise them judiciously for the well being of the people they represent. Legislators, executives and the judiciary the pillars of democracy are vested with enormous powers, for betterment of the people, justice to one and all and ill will to none. Unfortunately in our system of democracy majority of people who ought to plead on behalf of public and make executions, use their powers to create privileges and priorities for themselves.  They intimidate public; scare them push them to wilderness and oblivion and into the blind alleys of corruption and red tapeism. How can we claim to have and practice democracy when our representatives violate all rules, regulations and plunder public money? They put on flashy beacon lights on top of their motorcade to scare away the people whom they claim to represent. Democracy is put to test when our officers, who have been engaged to serve the people, keep them selves busy in enjoying the facilities and privileges provided (rather managed) to them, resort to corrupt practices and nepotism at the cost of poor people and the poor state.

During autocracy we had to bear the brunt of only one maharaja, and few of his rajas but now under the garb of democracy (distorted) we have to bear the brunt of hundreds and thousands of maharajas and rajas. I don’t know what will be the feelings of pioneers of democracy when they will be getting reports from this part of world about the fate of system of justice and equality they had pioneered. In Kashmir during maharajas time only one cavalcade was supposed to be given way and saluted but today under the shadow of democracy we are forced to face the onslaught of hundreds of cavalcades of VIPs (very important person). Isn’t it unfortunate and shame full?

Unfortunate part of our history is, poor, underprivileged had always fought for our liberty and the just rights but only the elite, and privileged have harvested out of their sacrifices. Otherwise Nehru and people like him born with a silver spoon would have never been masters of poor and underprivileged born with starvation and deprivation as their fate and destiny. Ironically, here who so ever gets exposed to, or gets taste of power, irrespective of his lineage, cast, colour and creed becomes arrogant, gains mastery over exploitation and indulges in relentless pursuit of wealth and power.

Now let us analyses the other aspect of our, exploited or exhausted pseudo democracy. From Khanya kumari to Kashmir the progeny of privileged and elite have avenues and every opportunity to excel, to be prosperous and happy, because the norms, rules and laws are so manipulated. Where as the poor are burdened with poverty and busy fighting against all odds for survival and subsistence. Recently one of the readers mailed me branding me as anti establishment and anti rich (read privileged) with a bent of socialist ideology. However I politely refuted the accusation with logic that I am not against any establishment until it delivers justice with equality, sincerely, impartially and honestly. I am not against rich till they are legitimate; and above all I am not a socialist but I believe in equality and impartiality of private entrepreneurs as well as public enterprises. How can an establishment (read state) justify its dishonesty, nepotism and partiality? How can rich justify their wealth after sucking blood and creating castles over the skeletons of their fellow brethren? This is share mockery. Yes if there is no respite for exploited lot and no barricading against exploiters then I am an anti establishment, anti rich to the core of my heart and I appeal all real democrats to rise against injustice and exploitation. However we have to be optimistic and wish for every one to be prosperous and happy.

We are facing grave situation on the employment front, if available figures are true revealing lacks of youth yearning for the jobs (because jobs are scarce), and corruption, nepotism and favoritism has further devastated them making these people ready fodder for the canons of discontent, crime and, hatred. However I have a word for the underprivileged, exploited and poor, the victims of this pseudo democracy. They can contribute in strengthening the democratic setup by simply believing in honesty, impartiality and sincerity. Let all of us bear in mind work is worship, no job is menial, and the word commensurate should be given least importance and last but not the least, there are no short cuts for prosperity and riches. Man has to strive even for bare minimum requirements. For real democracy undeterred belief in prosperity through legitimacy is a must. All of us should get on our feet firmly, fight injustice, negate all sort of favoritism and firmly oppose indicipline. Lastly all of us should bear in mind when justice is denied after all efforts of persuasion and striving then there are no bars and limits to fight for the fundamentals of democracy the justice.

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