Murky Trade

Few days prior to Eid  Srinagar municipality and ministry of consumer affairs were at logger heads. The bone of contention was poor ‘murgi’(layer poultry). As per the figures available Kashmir is the main market for the poultry products in northern India, so many stakes are involved in this murky trade and every one from dealer to regulating agencies is enjoying his pie. No one knows what went wrong and where this well synchronized trade did fail to keep their facilitators synchronized.

Out of blue Srinagar municipality health officer got concerned about health of Kashmiries and gave a detailed statement regarding the harmful effect of layer poultry on health of poor Kashmiries. His contention was that the residual effect of medication and other chemicals administered to layers has adverse effect on the people’s health. If really dear health officer was so concerned about our health he should have reacted much earlier. Why only on Eid? I can’t dare to say whole of ‘daal was kali’ but some thing was wrong some where and we should avoid this untimely blackmailing. Kuch to lehaz Karoo Bhai blackmailing ka be koi apna time hota hai. All this angered the consumer affairs ministry and they brought their own veterinary doctor to deny all this and assure people that layer poultry is not harmful and thus the flow of these otherwise exhausted lumps of flesh was continued with out any interruption. Both these doctors instead of deciding of their own with scientific logic, technical expertise and experience were doctored to give statements on behalf of different political big wigs. This broad day light insult of technology and technocrats is quite unfortunate. These doctors behaved like chicken just to become fodder for political motives of diverse political establishments. How can these ‘chicken’ technocrats do justice with the health of poor people? Yes there can be several other reasons for this abrupt out burst; its denial and then complete silence. This layer controversy would have landed both these doctors and their mentors in the OPD (out patients department) of public anger but festive mood saved them.

How long people’s health will be put to test on the altar of political ego and ulterior motives? These nepots and their mentors are doing no good and can not take people for a ride by making the ‘murgi’ haram and then halal at their will and whim.

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