My Name Is Khan! [ Imran Khan ]

`And you must not destroy your own country’ !

Pakistan was carved single handedly by Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Mr. Jinnah had to face many hurdles while pursuing his agenda of Pakistan. Creation of Pakistan was a dream come true even after stiff resistance from many quarters. The same Pakistan (Mamlikat-e-Khudadad) is now suffering at the hands of its own people (politicians and so-called leaders).

Most of the governance in Pakistan has been enjoyed and enforced by its army. However after partition of Pakistan in 1971 and creation of Bangladesh the governance and politics of Pakistan has experienced a ‘blow hot blow cold’ like situation. After the execution of articulate and savvier Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and later tragic death of his arch-enemy general Zia-ul-Haque the situation gave way for shorter and acceptable patches of democracy and some good governance at the hands of honest autocrats. Sharif brothers along with Benazir Bhutto contributed a lot in making democracy to work in Pakistan, but their known passion for corruption and favoritism made the experiment of democracy much costlier. Their rivalry beyond political ideology along with MQM’s catalytic role made a hell out of Pakistan. And more astonishingly neither Benazir nor Nawaz Sharif could narrow the gap between rich and poor. No sensible person will ever approve of any autocratic rule even in the garb of good governance but General Pervez Musharraf’s rule in 1999 was badly required for integration and safety of Pakistan.


After a long battle of ego and personal rivalry between Nawaz and Pervez Musharraf and the tragic death of Benazir Pakistan created history when democratically elected government handed over power to a newly elected leadership first time in the history of Pakistan. However, this situation of elation seems to be short lived as the political situation in Pakistan is fast returning to square one—the situation of conflict and crisis. And at this juncture it is neither the arch political rival of Nawaz Sharif— the Bhuttos nor the ever ready hawkish army leadership who are creating trouble for struggling democracy in Pakistan, but it is a lethal combination of unrelenting former ace cricketer turned politician Imran Khan and firebrand Canada based religious leader Tahir-ul-Qadri who are out to ruin not only the democratic institutions in Pakistan but to weaken the whole country. Imran Khan and his political outfit PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) along with his supporters have pitched their political tent just inside Islamabad and in typical Shahrukh style says ‘My name is Khan’. In a country of about 200 million people with a voter population of 110 million a few thousand people cannot coerce and manipulate the fate of that country.

Holding a nation and its people to ransom for petty political considerations is the worst possible form of politicking. It is true that there is no love left for corrupt and feudalistic politicians like Sharifs and Bhuttos in Pakistan but it is also and more true that a duly elected government cannot be pulled down by shouting and sending ultimatums. Khan by resorting to such cheap politics is not serving his people and his country (as he reiterates in his speeches) but is ruining the prospects of Pakistan that is grappling with corruption and poverty. Khan is educated, knowledgeable and articulate and knows the basic principles of democracy. Appreciating the recent pleasant transition of power he could have waited for the next election and till then he could easily make the people of Pakistan understand the reality about Bhuttos, Sharifs, Zardaris and many more. Khan has gone crazy and is hell-bent to ruin his future as prospective leader of Pakistan. No Khan will unnecessarily boast about his abilities unless he is being prompted by some one behind the scene. Imran Khan is no less a Khan in all forms, he is a celebrity Khan who has travelled a lot and knows the people better than all other Khans, his making a buffoon out of him looks very odd.

Mr. Imran Khan you need not to shout, ‘My name is Khan’ , you are a Khan that too a better Khan but you require introspection in the best interest of people of Pakistan , the nation of Pakistan and the people living in the vicinity of Pakistan. Sooner you realize it better it will be for you and your nation.