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An election without a mandate, but with a message!

Farooq Abdullah is here to represent the people of Srinagar Parliamentary constituency. The constituency with little less than thirteen lakh registered voters will be represented by a politician who managed to earn the approval of only forty-eight and half thousands of voters. Many people in Kashmir would call it a sham election and several others will invoke the element of coercion, rigging and what not. And yes a few having their own political interests at stake and would interpret it as the accomplishment of the democratic process. Obviously, in a conflicting state of affairs where the political situation is awfully fluid, every stakeholder is compelled to derive a conclusion of his liking. However, at the end of present balloting where eight young people were bulleted to death and hundreds injured the elections conveyed a clear verdict of extreme anger and a choice beyond votes. Read More Loud and Clear!

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Kashmir’s water scenario needs attention!

Water and air are two most important elements of life on earth. No living being can survive without water and quality clean water is the ultimate requirement for the existence of human beings. Water has been a source of conflict and strife between nations and countries since long. During last century air and water world over bore the brunt of haphazard modernization and industrialization. Elixir of life—the water became the worst casualty. After water woes all over the world for many decades, the United Nations General Assembly in 1993, to attract world attention towards water crisis decided to declare March 22 as world water day every year. This year the theme was agreed upon to be “Why Waste Water”?

Kashmir valley was blessed with enough quality water resources. And since ages Kashmir was known for its beautiful mountains, meadows, forests and crystal clear water flowing down its catchment areas making a vast network of waterways and water bodies throughout the plains of the valley. But now the water situation is changing for the worst! In Kashmir the theme ‘why waste water’ may not hold as appropriate for the reason that we claim and may have enough water to sustain and to contribute to cultivate and quench the plains. However, the quality of our water has gone down substantially. During last, more than five decades our water sources, water bodies and water quality has suffered a lot at the hands of people and their never-ending materialism.  Prior to present network of roads and potable water distribution system water flowing through Kashmir’s labyrinth of waterways into its vast lakes and water bodies was the only source of transportation, irrigation, and drinking water. Until the sixties of last century, Kashmir water structures and quality of water was comparatively undisturbed and pure. Earlier nature was the only force of intervention that would decide the course of water, blessedly without disturbing its feature. The seventies was the decade when Kashmir started changing for the worst. With the arrival of unplanned developmental projects, and a placatory touch of small and medium industrialization concept Kashmir’s water system started heading towards degradation. Man and machine created havoc, disturbed the landscape and ambiance of valley annoying water gods towards doom. Read More Why waste water?

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They have made politics a dubious affair…

Srinagar and Anantnag by-elections have again set the election ball rolling in a big way. Many political pundits considered this election a referendum for PDP, BJP coalition, a coalition that raised many eyebrows from the day one. And for National Conference (NC), Congress alliance it is a tough struggle for existence. This election beyond effective alliances and party performance is more important for Farooq Abdullah and Tassaduq Mufti. Farooq Abdullah with the huge political legacy of his late father Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah and his personal investment in Kashmir politics has a lot at stake that too in the backdrop of his earlier debacle in last parliamentary elections at the hands of Tariq Hamid Qarra his onetime bitter rival, now a very close supporter. Whereas for Tassaduq Mufti scion of Mufti family this maiden election will decide his political future. Read More On turncoats

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Is it time to revisit Indian parliamentary system of democracy?

Since the evolution of civilization mankind has simultaneously been trying to look for a perfect form of authority (governance) on earth. At present, comparatively better civilized societal order democracy cannot be denied its justifiable place in the system of governance even after possessing several gaps. Any other form of government tried since ages never produced desirable results as a democracy. And as on today no other form of government has been designed that could describe the political and administrative aspirations of people better than democracy. Astute professor of democracy, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill at one point of time while defending democracy and point out its shortfalls had to state, “Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise”. However Abraham Lincoln’s description of democracy, “Democracy is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” holds relevant even today after more than a century. Over a period of time democracy in the present form has been interpreted and applied differently by different nations. In a Parliamentary democracy, its proponents claim its majoritarian character at all levels. However, at a basic level without some caps and caveats regarding the participation of people, it is nothing but the crafty practice of ‘divide and rule’ in the garb of consensus.    Read More Change the format

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Don’t we have an identity of our own?

The first lesson of social science taught almost everywhere, reads ‘man is a social animal’. It implies that humankind lives in a societal structure within a complex organization of very close and distant relations. The distinct social fabric of mankind distinguishes and puts it above all animal beings. That is presumably what we human beings narcissistically think of ourselves. Maybe other living beings possibly will have a different opinion about us!   Well, possibilities apart, relations are vital in our social system and help in creating dedicated bonds within our society and we should respect it to maintain our ‘social animal’ status, but strictly avoiding any exploitation of this sacred bond fused through our biological indulgence. Read More Minister’s cousin!

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The two are inseparably linked.

Next to horticulture if properly explored within the parameters of the ecosystem, tourism is the most significant for Kashmir’s economy and employment. Tourism has a long history in Kashmir, Europeans gave direction and push to Kashmir tourism by introducing Kashmir, its natural beauty and adventure prospects to outside world. They laid the foundation of Kashmir tourism by introducing basics of the tourist trade. The place like Gulmarg which was established by British to have a good time during harsh summers ultimately became the bedrock of modern tourism in Kashmir. Kashmir was a favorite destination with international tourists, particularly adventure lovers.

Quality domestic tourists would also contribute considerably to our tourist trade. However, for last two decades either because of travel advisories or negative coverage by a section of media foreign tourist are not impressed to visit Kashmir in big numbers. The pioneers of the tourist trade in Kashmir had identified Kashmir only for adventure and vacation tourism that would coexist with its fragile ecosystem. However, immediately after independence, the popular governments in a bid to extract the maximum out of every available resource without proper planning and expertise made a mess of tourism industry by promoting whatever came in their way in the name of tourism. Vandalizing hill stations and banks of Dal Lake by the influential and protégés of political opportunists in the name of tourism are worst examples of defacing beauty and ecological system of Kashmir. Read More Kashmir tourism and environment!