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Psychological war or just a political stunt!!

If we dissect the present braid chopping ploy it seems to have succeeded in its agenda of creating an atmosphere of extreme fear and helplessness among the people mostly the rural folk.

In Kashmir we are in the middle of a conflict and unrest, so expecting rot from any of the warring groups is not surprising. A seven-decade-old issue—an offshoot of the bloody partition, catalyzed more forcefully for the last two decades has exposed this tiny homeland to all kinds of distress and sufferings. So, by that standards braid chopping is not that big a deal, but as it has hit our honour and dignity, we feel shaken. Nevertheless, the present crisis is not the first of its kind. A few years back witches were making rounds in the valley. But that fizzled out quickly because of poor planning and timing. We have also faced attacks on our dignity and distinctiveness way back in the late sixties and early seventies when widespread fire incidents mostly in rural areas frightened the entire valley. The whole administration of that time remained clueless and never succeeded in bringing the culprits to book. Interestingly, a particular socio-political organization with insignificant presence in this part of the country was then designingly named to be behind that fire weaponry and to make the situation more complicated the organization was accused of kidnapping small children for organ trade (that is at least what I was made to believe then by the elders who innocently became part of the rumor mill). Gullible Kashmiri people, as usual, took it for the truth and the politicians succeeded in their game plan to divert the public attention and opinion from their failures. But it was peacetime then and the episode passed without leaving any permanent mark on the psyche of common people.

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Unless these loopholes are plugged properly, the monster of corruption will haunt us.

(An open letter To Mehbooba Mufti)

It’s good you reach people and listen to them. Hope you continue the momentum and come heavy on corruption so that we get a clean system

After remaining engaged with political disturbance for quite some time you have rightly started concentrating more on approachable governance. In this direction, your recent visits to far-off areas of the state to personally reach and listen to public grievances, particularly, from those who have very less access to higher echelons and corridors of power will definitely open a new chapter of better governance. Your recent detailed visits and overnight stay at district headquarter of Pulwama and Kupwara districts reveal your government’s paradigm shift in administrative strategy. Anyways, may Almighty give you enough strength to deliver more efficiently and sincerely to the best satisfaction of your people. In this reinvigorated process of better governance, your recent statement terming corruption ‘as a scourge that eats up the vitals of the society’ and a passionate appeal for support to eradicate the peril of corruption is a welcome step.

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…….. and humanity bleeds amid unconcern and indifference of the world

Suu Kyi should not only condemn the killings and ethnic cleansing unequivocally but use her authority to prevent this shameful situation.

Having many problems in and around this part of the subcontinent the suffering of more than a million Rohingya in Rakhine province of Myanmar was negligible until the oppression turned into well-planned state-sponsored ethnic cleansing involving plunder and gruesome killings. Rohingya’s have a long history of migration, settlement in Burma’s coastal province of Rakhine (formerly Arakan) with a glorious past of being influential and patronized by the British empire. The Burmese people and the state always treated Rohingya people outsiders—Bengalis and never acknowledges them as part of the Arakan region where from the group’s name—Rohingya originates. The  unfortunate part of the Rohingyas is that the majority of them are Muslims, a very small number being Hindus.

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Activism is essentially an inborn trait and fewer people turn to activism after experiencing injustice in their own life.

Kashmir because of its fluid political situation has suffered a lot on almost all fronts of life, particularly for impartiality and equality.

May be inappropriate, but I am constrained to put a rider of genuineness with our version of activism because very few people crusade genuinely in this land of devious mindset. Activism is essentially an inborn trait and fewer people turn to activism after experiencing injustice in their own life. All along activists face condemnation at the hands of exploiters and at times are unable to gain the trust of common people even for a genuine cause. Anyway, whatever the reason and circumstances to disparage the noble work of activism in the present-day avaricious world,  the activists are the real torchbearers of exploring justice and the realities. Democracy empowers people! And empowerment is the soul of crusading. 

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Kashmir politics at crossroads?

The present and earlier few attempts of vested interests to take the judicial route for abolishing exclusive rights of people of Jammu and Kashmir has now become a tricky situation for different political entities within the state and outside.

God knows who cursed Kashmir! Since ages the psyche and soul of Kashmiri people have never been at peace; exploitation and unkindness always haunted them. Kashmiri people are often made to believe about a possible change to their destiny but in real terms, Kashmir has come to a political crossroad where it has nowhere to go if better sense will not prevail with the stakeholders.

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We need to perceive the issue logically

Providing just a peep into the history of Horticulture in Kashmir and a glimpse of the metamorphosis of present day advanced Horticulture sector we should firmly believe that people of Sopore and adjoining areas have a solid case with logic to plead for hosting the proposed Horticulture university.

For the last more than a month, a debate about the establishment of proposed Horticulture university has been going on in newspapers and other forums. An interesting debate! Where some people favour the government’s plans to establish the university at Wadoora (Sopore) campus of Sher-I Kashmir University of Agriculture Science and Technology (SKUAST) and others plead otherwise. In the contemporary social system, each citizen and group have every right to wish to their own liking and convenience and plead the matter accordingly. However, even in a democracy, every citizen is morally bound to assess his mandate and logic for what he or she is asking or imploring for.

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