Political Quagmire

We need to come out of it. Sooner, the better…!

Politics is an art of articulating people’s aspirations to the best of their satisfaction. Every time I talk of politics particularly that of existing political scenario in Kashmir, It is irresistible to quote Greek philosopher Plato. Cautioning against indifference towards politics Plato says “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors”. This say holds fitting for Kashmir, its people and their current political plight. Dishonest, turncoats, plunderers, defaulters, criminals and all sort of bad elements have invaded the political arena, rubbing shoulders with political folks and befooling people with trickery. For the last more than two decades most of the intelligentsia and virtuous people in Kashmir, who otherwise made feeding cadre for politics, have conspicuously stayed away from politics either by choice or by compulsion.

After cession of Maharaja’s autocratic rule in 1947 much of politics in Kashmir was social work invigorated with values and virtues; most of the political class was leader first and politician afterwards. This exceptional politics had its impact until seventies of the last century but since then political canvas in Kashmir has changed for the worst. Political corruption, plunder, nepotism and constituency specific politics is now order of our political arrangement. And for last two decades fear-psychosis and willful abstention by saner elements have turned Kashmir politics an unacceptable career for upright people. Thus, here politics is open to only worthless and vulnerable to invasion by devious elements. Over the period of six decades from leadership oriented social work politics has stooped to the level of perfidy and thuggery. In this situation of opportunism survival of honest and upright people in political field is practically impossible. However, even under this hard pressing situation of exploitation and plunder few honest politicians have left their footprints of sincerity and worthiness providing younger generation a ray of hope and optimism.
Come election time, the political ‘mandi’ of politicians, would be politicians, turncoats and sycophants get revived and political dealers turn into action mode. The recent wholesale entry of many so-called elite crowd pullers and runaway politicians into a prominent political party is an eye-opener not only for the political class but people of Kashmir in particular. Shoddy political intentions and scheming has added a new chapter to degenerated political book of pretense. It is not only the political party under discussion that has resorted to bidding for political showpieces, but every political outfit behaves the same way. Shamelessly! Corrupt sycophants who had deceived the masses and amassed huge wealth beyond their known sources of income have intruded into almost all political parties as if there is dearth of honest and decent politicians. God knows! What kind of hormone these turncoats and sycophants are blessed with that triggers extreme level of shamelessness within their psyche and they are able to persuade and motivate even the sensible lot of politicians to give them company.        
Criticising present political dilemma for the sake of criticism will be unfair and a perverted act of cynicism. In contemporary society of knowledge and logic introspection is the only way to deliberate upon the existing political rot. So, it becomes imperative for people of Kashmir in general and intellectuals in particular to ponder upon this issue.
The existing stigmatised politics, sense of uncertainty and fear-psychosis has made many minnows and worthless people to jump in politics and be on prowl to grab muscle and money power—two most prominent characteristics of present day politics. Survival and sustenance of Kashmir and its people by proper local administration is vital both for Kashmir as a nation and resolution of much larger vexed Kashmir issue. And no system except proper honest and sincere political dispensation will provide that assistance. Kashmir requires a vibrant leadership that will get this nation out of plundering quagmire; will restore order and sense of justice.