Poor fate-bitten Kashmiri!

His is a sad story of exploitation and injustice…

Cruelty, oppression and subjugation have been our fate for centuries. Our documented history is full of tyranny, coercion and ill treatment at the hands of our rulers. After 1947 most parts of the subcontinent experienced a great deal of empowerment but unfortunately Kashmir along-with its people has got embattled in confusing conflict of ego between two hostile countries. Kashmir at present is a hellhole that possibly in near future may turn into a crossroads of much bigger clash in the region— probably a flashpoint of nuclear conflict. At such crucial juncture and critical location Kashmir requires proverbial ‘Handle with care’ treatment and authentic governance. And for trustworthy authority an honest, robust and selfless political system is essential. But unfortunately people of Kashmir are the most unlucky fellows who were always treated as ‘dumb driven cattle’ by their political leaders (more precisely political masters).

From earlier nationalistic elation after termination of autocracy down to present situation of political despair, except for few patches of compassion we have never experienced good governance. Thus after centuries of pathetic subjugation we the ‘Gareeb Kashmiris’ (poor Kashmiris) have been punished and pushed into political inferno of exploitation. Earlier only the autocratic ruler and an oligarchy of his cronies would crush humble Kashmiris but at present it is whole lot of politicians, their associates, agents and sub agents who exploit people. At present much of politics and political system in Kashmir is dominated by so-called elite; class and creed based conceited hypocrites and has been hijacked by unprincipled sycophants. A nation politically hijacked by erstwhile Rajas, Zaildars, brazen moneylenders, unashamed exploiters, religious racists and many other breeds of supercilious hypocrites. In this scheme of exploitative politics humble Kashmiri who has been exploited for centuries stands nowhere. He is just a feeding fodder for political canons of rich and mighty. 

All sorts of political institutions in Kashmir, be it so-called mainstream politicians or pampered nationalists, every political figure behave like superior and vitreous than their ‘lesser mortal’ followers. Arrogance within traditional politicians and narcissism among the nationalists has marginalized the common Kashmir and is feeling disgruntled and disappointed out of this discriminative behavior. Every politician of Kashmir has failed to deliver—failed us miserably. Most of the traditional politicians are corrupt, indifferent towards the aspirations of the common Kashmiri while as others suffer from extreme egotism. A section of manipulative politicians while in politics claim to be true to the type Kashmiris, but once within the confines of their oligarchy they boost about their ostensible roots somewhere in Afganistan, Central Asia or many other corners of the continent from where most of our tormentors have invaded Kashmir and made us to suffer. For the last more than two decades politics in Kashmir has turned murkier and cheaper. Plato’s wise saying ‘One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors’ holds good for present state of politics in Kashmir. Here not only the least virtuous but even the wiser and saner politicians have changed their strategy and are pursuing the unholy path of depraved politics. But beyond Plato’s premise of non-participation in politics by the righteous the present politicians have created a charged and criminalized political situation where upright people have no other option but to abstain from such dirty politics. Earlier politics was a mission, a crusade against injustice and an agenda to provide justified leadership and system of governance. But presently the political standard has stooped to an all time low to the bottom of irrelevance. Plunderers, hoarders, black marketers, criminals, killers, corrupt and several other unscrupulous elements are holding the political fort and attracting their contemporaries to existing unethical ‘trade’ of politics.
The political race after recently concluded elections within the traditional political camp has further vitiated political atmosphere of Kashmir. Every political product of any shape and size is on sale! Worn-out bureaucrats, wary cops, venomous renegades, crafty hoarders, shameless adulterators and all other unscrupulous elements are joining politics and are a welcome commodity in every camp. All of them are hopeful of gaining power through politics and change their nomenclature; however their genetic map that governs their polluted mindset will never change for the best. They will ultimately overpower the ‘Gareeb Kashmiri’ and will make him to repent for years to come for supporting brutes in the guise of political saviors.