Rejuvenated Congress, admirable Sonia.

Making manipulations, compromising with principles to grab power is political opportunism and distancing one self (renunciation) from bestowed opportunity to avail power is greatness. This greatness makes people stand out of the crowd taller than their own personality. That is what Sonia has proved to be. Political system in the whole sub continent, particularly in India political opportunism is inseparable part of political system and some times opportunism and politics seem to be synonyms.

India’s leading politicians and well-known leaders could never distance and isolate from the political opportunism at one point or the other. Politicians like Vishwanath Partap Singh ex prime minister of India who rose to the zenith of Indian politics and power by advocating honesty, finally had to go for a touch of manipulation and opportunistic politics.

Recently concluded parliamentary elections were different in nature. Usually elections are contested with certain agenda or program to be pursued or implemented by the parties; in the sense parties want to do some thing new or make improvements to already existing programs. Here one of the major alliances led by Bhartya Janata party was in the fray with its much-hyped agenda of achievements (India Shining). The other main issue contested by the other leading alliance (conglomerate of secular parties) lead by Congress was ‘Hindutva’, communalism to be precise. There were other economic issues as well like liberalization process and more controversial disinvestment in public sector pursued dedicatedly by left front.All the major national parties first time in independent India were contesting this election, with complete acclimatization to, and faith in coalition politics.

It is a matter of least concern, who won this election, because ‘BJP’ and Congress the leading parties of two leading coalitions are two faces of a coin. Both have no differences on every major issue other than ‘Hinduta’ (Communalism). The structure and political chemistry of Congress is somewhat secular, where as ‘BJP’ harbors sense of hostility and hatred towards minorities. Congress has pragmatic approach towards all issues and on the contrary ‘BJP’ is completely fascist in nature and approach.

Congress and its pre poll alliance partners, with post poll sympathizers have cobbled a viable majority to govern this diverse country .In a parliamentary system of governance with fluidity in mandate, the situation is always rife for debacle. Left parties the major partner of the alliance will make the government to hobble with persistent pressure on economic and social front. Congress has to be enough accommodative and has to keep checks and balances to resist the pressure and effects of heterogeneity of the alliance. The aspirations and demands of alliance partners will always fluctuate, rather swell with every passing day, making government more prone and susceptible to pressures.

Prior to the much-talked Congress alliance would take reigns of power into its hands (incidentally hand is the symbol of congress). Fascist and racial mentality gripped ‘BJP’ and it made its crude band of foul-mouthed activists to behave comically and make nasty statements against Prime Minister designate, leading to perilous trend of impeding constitutional obligations. This fascist approach of ‘BJP’ with tactical support of its allies and inspiration from the ‘Sang Parivar’ created a situation of stalemate, and mired the prospects of Congress legislature party leader Sonia Gandhi to take over as next prime minister of India. Creating hurdles for a democratically elected, legitimate aspirant to full fill his constitutional duty, by a political party that has ruled such a vast country is quite astonishing.

The election results which vitiated and negated the developmental hoax, foreign origin issue of Sonia Gandhi and the communal aspirations of ‘BJP’. Made them to stoop low, inflict insults and create an atmosphere of uncertainty. ’BJP’ deliberately did not made frontal attacks on Sonia’s aspiration for prime ministers post through its fiery but sensible leaders like Arun Jaitely, mild but wily Pramod Mahajan or high stature Vajpayee, because they knew the intricacies of constitutional implications on this issue. The silence of Vajpayee in this matter has increased the eagerness of Indian masses to elicit his views, as the same will be worth to assess.

The dogmatic and fascist approach of ‘BJP’, catalyzed by reluctance shown by Sonia has brought it (BJP)to such a crossroad of Indian politics where its political revival and return to mantles of power will not be so easy. Sonia’s denial has entangled ‘BJP’ in its own web. The invariable cynical attitude of ‘Sangh Parivar’ towards evolution of secular democratic political system has got a befitting answer from the Indian voter, but this menace needs to be dealt and rooted out by Indian’s from their social and political system permanently. Other wise if this doctrine persists and flourishes, and not countered regularly and permanently will lead to its (Indias) disintegration and will make it a focal point of criticism by the civilized world.

Sonia was almost to be sworn in as Prime Minister of India, but in contrast to all speculations she nominated and paved way for Manmohan Singh a Sikh by faith to be the next Prime Minister. By this complete reluctance in clear terms evading all pressures, Sonia has made herself taller than all the politicians of Indian subcontinent. She has left far behind all those so called Indian nationalists, and given them the real lesson of values and virtues. She has set a new trend of renouncing power for values. By refusing the prime ministers chair Sonia for a while was in a situation of ambivalence but she firmly stuck to her value oriented ‘anter atma’ retained her entity and put herself on the path of a crusade against cheap politics. She has made the chair of the post of Indian Prime Minister too small for her.

To be honest sincerity has not been the only factor, but the political wit and advice has also prevailed upon Sonia to decide the way she did in this matter. She has won two consecutive battles against ‘BJP’ first the election, and secondly that of wits. She has buried their political ideology deep down under the debris of communalism, exhausted values, covered with thick blanket of sacrifice and wily political decision. Sonia also knew, for grooming and graduating her children to take mantles of power in future, and safe guarding their future prospects she can not afford to live in a stifle situation.

At the end of the day (elections and following events) ‘BJP’ and alliance is a demoralized, defeated, debilitated and exposed lot, where as Congress a jubilant and contended party with a strong leader to rally around, a rough wicket to play on and nostalgic party cadre.

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