Reward or Punishment?

Darwin’s theory “survival of fittest” is holding well for all but for present-day materialist world it should sound like “survival of the mightiest and richest”. In every sphere of life mighty (who are obviously rich, influential and wield enormous clout) float rules, violate laws and show no respect for values. Their rule is arrogance, their law is suppression and their only value is selfishness. The rules and laws are for poor. Mighty and rich with proximity to politicians; derive their power of deceit and manipulation from faulty political system; trample all irrespective of cast colour and creed.

While my routine flips through national dailies, two interesting news items made me curious about their content. One was about model Jessica Lal murder case and acquittal of accused, the other news about a poor man ‘Shankardayal’ who was jailed some forty-four years back for a minor incident of assaulting his neighbours and made to spend all these years in jail. In both the cases the mighty and the might of the state with flaws in its system have put people of lesser importance and clout under their heavy boots of injustice or delayed (denied) justice. The killing of poor Jessica was almost a broad day light murder in the middle of a leading socialite’s party hosted for ‘who’s who’, of social circles of the capital. The killer was seen and gruesome killing witnessed by many people, but alas! No one dared to depose before the authorities. If some one mustered some courage to give an account of the cold blooded murder, their statements were manipulated, twisted and made extraneous by investigating agencies at the behest of influential and mighty killer. Killer is known; his abettors stand identified, but a prolonged trial; willful negligence on behalf of prosecution; flaws and loopholes in the legal system lead to acquittal. In case of Shankardayal, the crime was petty but the poor fellow was incarcerated for more than forty years. Shameful! I have my sympathy not only with unfortunate Jessica or poor Shankardayal but now I feel my sympathies for our prosecuting agencies and legal system that succumb and yield to all sort of pressure so easily. These institutions have been made their mistresses by the mighty and rich.

We know this flawed democracy and its systems can not restore the youth full days of Shankardayal and life to Jessica but at least can resort to introspection and work for the betterment and reforms. Make efforts for restoration of fundamental rights to creatures other than rich and mighty not only on paper but in practice. I never said rich and mighty have no right to live but empowerment and emancipation of poor, downtrodden and exploited is duty of the state. Poor Jessica and Shankardayal will excuse me, as our democracy and so called civilized society could do nothing for them.

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