Society Needs Cleansing.

Social revolutions preceded by brute violence are always in the offing when people become ignorant about values and virtues the fundamentals of a healthy society, and when moral venality rule the social system. Certain sections of society trying to live beyond their means to compete with the affluence of the opulent unsuccessfully, get them selves trapped into the webs of corruption and degraded morally

Affluence by destiny and hard work is bestowment by Almighty, Who has given every soul the right to excel and flourish but not at the cost of others. And then there are social norms laid down and nurtured by mankind over a long period of time.

Presently our society under the influence of materialism comprises of four segments, the opulent, middle class with pseudo affluent mentality, thirdly middle class with sincerity, values and virtues their hallmark and the last one the downtrodden. The last two sections of society are always vulnerable to exploitation, and the ultimate sufferers, but will prove fuel for any future uprising, for change in the structure and balance of society.

Opulent class of society always explores new ways and methods to flaunt their well-got or ill got wealth and prosperity, arousing temptations within vulnerable middle class at the cost of their dearest values, virtues and honor. Greed and lust for wealth encourages the rich to rob and fleece the already suppressed middle class further, who in turn sustain with parasitic character using lower strata of society as hosts and thus a chain of exploitation and exploiters takes shape. This chain is the manifestation of collusion between unscrupulous elements and corrupt politician bureaucratic nexus; it is a well-knit clan. These exploiters give further strengthened to their bonds by preferring marital and other emotional relationships within themselves to promote their mutual interest and lust for materialistic adventure. Politicians who derive their supreme powers from faulty democratic system need agents and advisors to accomplish their nefarious agenda of corruption and rampant nepotism, it is where these unscrupulous elements and bureaucrats come to their rescue create a symbiotic atmosphere, but certainly at a cost and thus emerges a band of honourable, respected dacoits. A unique group with common interests of lust for materialism, who qualify for the title of elate invades the society, they dictate and manipulate social norms and invent social evils. Nuptial knots under the shadows of these social evils are like tie knots for them, while the same tightens the nose around the neck of poor. These social manipulator have brought society to such a cross road where thousands of ladies have crossed their bridal age in hope of getting married, and giving rise to brigades of unemployed depressed drug abusing young men. Manipulated societies measure honor and values by affluence the synonymous to grand cozy mansions, comfortable and glittering automobiles, costly branded garments and above all social evils of enormous and waste full expenditure while performing social and religious duties and obligations.

These masters of quelling any dissent don’t know all this will lead to a flare-up against them confuting their ideology of exploitation, suppression and materialistic adventurism. The flare-up which will engulf the whole social system making their fortified castles and armor of waywardness futile and can repeat the topsy-turvy situation of riches to rags and vice versa. Self-proclamation of supremacy, sense of impermeability and feeling invulnerable as professed by these elates is the manifestation of foolish thinking and bizarre state of mind, which exposes to destruction and closing circles of doom. The wealth of this so-called upper crust of the society multiplies clandestinely and those of their victim’s meager assets lose its value with every passing day.

. The values and virtues bubble and flow out of springs of knowledge and learning of highest standard. Literate but partially educated people are the most vulnerable who subscribe to the victimization of exploiters and it is the out come of complexity brewing in their sic minds. Our minds are always plagued by the thought ‘ what others will think of me’ this is where complexity over rides righteous state of our mind and psyche. The victims always hide their complex, under the false curtains of much hyped and glorified social evils. Imitation and adaptability is human nature and has been a great force in his process of evolution, but societies lose their identity when social evils are adopted for the sake of false pride. Materialism has seeped into our society to the extent that words and deeds of honesty sincerity and impartiality have become unsung songs, deceiving, cheating and dishonesty is attributed to meritoriousness.

We need to develop sense of compassion for our ailing society and try to get it back on the rails of justice, equality and honesty, that can be achieved by discouraging and negating the forces of evil, developing sense of content and felicity with in ourselves. While submitting to and reposing complete trust in supernatural power we need to differentiate between materialism and realism, right and wrong and draw clear lines between moral ethics and wickedness. We have to nurture the values of our society diligently making our social fabric strong enough to face any onslaught of social evils.

Don’t we have the duty to think about the plight of our society? Don’t we have the right and courage to put breaks on this process of shattering and degradation of our society? We have to muster courage, rise above every thing, think in right direction and give befitting reply to all these exploiters.Other wise I believe a huge, intense and forceful or may be brute revolution is in the offing, which will rip apart this materialist, corrupt, sic, degraded society and its perpetuators, and will make a bloody inscription on this poor land “SAMAJ  KAO BADAL DALOO”.

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