The politics of hate

It’s all been mud-slinging, muck-raking and abuse of ethics – Election 2014…

Parliamentary election 2014 is nearing its final stage, but for last more than a month the whole political and social atmosphere of entire India has been polluted and vitiated. Even the most of the social and ethnic groups in the country are at loggerheads. Several politicians created an atmosphere of fear by resorting to harshest hate speeches and divisive statements with communal connotations. In addition to hate and acrimony the whole election campaign was dominated by character assassination and personal attacks. Instead of contesting the election on issues related to the common-man and the problems faced by him the whole election campaign was dominated by abusive language and trifling political issues of personal nature.
Out of many hate speeches dotting the political landscape of India the foulmouthed utterances of few prominent but most arrogant political leaders made a difference. Bihar state BJP leader Giriraj Singh’s statement that “voters who do not vote for Modi shall have to find their place in Pakistan” is completely in contravention to the fundamentals of Indian constitution the fountainhead of all this electoral exercise. The statement of Giriraj Singh was sharply pointed towards a particular religious minority that has expressed its reservation about the BJP prime ministerial candidate Narinder Modi. In a democracy every person in the society irrespective of his status and stature; cast, colour and creed has every right to express his views and reservations about a person, policy or a decision unless and until his statement violates the basic principles of public order, morality and decency and does not compromise sovereignty and integrity of the country, security of the state and in particular, the relations with the foreign states. So if a section of the society without challenging the authority and writ of the state express their disliking towards a particular politician or a political dispensation, why should they be bullied with veiled threats of ethnic cleansing?

Statements like this does not augur well for India as a country and for its democracy. Beyond this, statements of VHP leader Parveen Togadia and Shiv Sena leader Ramdas Kadam in particular were aimed at a particular section of people with intimidating, insulting and derogatory intentions. All these statements have been made in violation of the law of the land and above all such statements violate the fundamental principle of co-existence. Alas! The disgraceful utterances of people like Togadia, Kadam and Giriraj at times justify the two nation theory and the painful partition.
The other shameful part of this election was mud-slinging; using abusive and derogatory language and resorting to personal attacks. Baba Ramdev , the prominent yoga guru while demonizing Congress leader and Gandhi family scion Rajiv Gandhi made insulting remarks about downtrodden and exploited lot of the society—Dalits. He not only cast aspersions on the character of the young leader but disrespected a larger section of the society. In a society where political opinion makers in the garb of religious leaders maliciously exploit the exploited with impunity the elections, constitution and for that matter even the democracy has no role. Such situation and mindset reflects the chaotic disorder within the society. Washing political linen in public at election times is the favorite pastime of politicians but involving downtrodden and most oppressed sections of the society  in their slanderous campaign is utter nonsense and extremely shameful. Instead of providing succor to marginalized sections of the society and discussing important issues before the nation the politicians in this election have chosen the path of dirty confrontation. Nations are not established overnight, but yes even the continents can be decimated in a matter of no time by irresponsible and indifferent leaders pursuing dirty politics. In this election India faces a challenging situation of divided society and an arrogant political entity treading a path of polluted politics. This dreaded state of political affairs if not checked with proverbial precision of ‘nip the evil in the bud’ will change the course of once glorious Indian political legacy and will portray a blemished political narrative to coming generations. We are not here to decide on political leadership and give verdicts but the prevailing political situation and ensuing social discord foresees a bleak future for democracy in India. And if corrective measures are not taken and approved well in time the looming political doom cannot be ruled out in near future.