War on Terror from London to Trehgam.

London a beautiful city; a treasure of unique and heritage architecture; abode of apparently soft, sober and cultured inhabitants, and capital of Great Britain is one of the famous cosmopolitan cities of the world. On the other hand Thregham the remote, sleepy, dusty village in the valley of Kashmir has no semblance of any kind with London. London is well developed, fashionable city with all possible modern amenities and facilities and is the bright face of developed world while as Thregam depicts the grim picture of undeveloped and poor part of the world with bear minimum infrastructure and negligible facilities. However recently, both London and Trehgam were in news for having a common agenda of killing innocent youth in the garb of curbing terrorism. The trigger happy forces of Scot land yard London who other wise claim to be the most disciplined force and protectors of human rights blew the head of a young Brazilian merely on suspicion. At Trehgam security men instead of guarding the interests of common man killed three innocent teenagers applying the same principal and yardstick of suspicion. I could never understand how political exploiters of developed and underdeveloped nations managed to reach a consensus on the issue of curbing hyped ghost of terrorism by killing innocent people and to hide their inefficiency while as in all other spheres of life they differ. London police is an elite force with all possible modern gadgetry, infrastructure, technology and training at their disposal and could easily make out between an explosive laden man and an innocent soul, but the hype about terror and terrorism made them blind, froze their sense of making difference between terrorist and an innocent. There is lot more difference between London police and the forces working in Kashmir, they differ in shape, quality, and above all discipline but ultimately they behave in the same manner on human rights front, it is shame full. How long these guns wielding uniformed people will pursue the wrong policies of the political system with out ascertaining the facts and authenticity.

Political system in the whole world is taking a shape where ulterior motives, political compulsions, and political constituencies are prioritized over human values and justice.  As in my previous write ups I firmly believe that the security forces are only implementing agencies of wrong and faulty policies and agenda of value less politicians and defective political system. The malicious political oligarchy sugar coats their faulty policies with nationality, national interest, patriotism and national security. How long people will keep bothering about national security caring least about the security of mankind and the world as a whole? No doubt national security is paramount but not at the cost of world peace and life of innocent human beings. Mankind should rise to the challenge and treat whole world his nation; the entire human race its nationals and then firmly believe in the religion of nationality. These borders and barricades discriminating region, race, colour, and creed are to be demolished, and then there will be no terrorism or any innocent killing.

In modern game of browbeating, belligerence and transgression on the part of some arrogant states (with military hardware and economic power) and the atmosphere of cold war terror and terrorism is becoming a common affair and can be seen effecting mankind. Terrorism has been exploited by the state as well as by individuals and groups in all forms to its maximum. Terrorism has evolved to a new form, shape and has come to an age where it influences the whole political order and system of the world. There is no antidote to terror and terrorism, the only way to check it is to restore mutual trust and adhere to the principle of live and let live or any celestial intervention. The deadliest form of terror earlier was hit and run but now it has taken a more deadly shape were the striker is laden with not only the deadly explosive but with a huge load of motivation and conviction. If we go through the pages of history; terror has been a tool to make big and mighty to feel for the exploited but at occasions it was used by exploiters to intimidate and suppress the exploited further more. Exploited lot consider and use terror as a tool to bring revolution, and some times state (some governments) make good use of it to suppress its subjects. Terrorism in all forms needs to be deplored and condemned. If terrorism by individuals and small groups is bad then the state terrorism is worst. Terrorism and terrorist has no religion and can not be attributed as an inborn trait to a particular religious, ethnic or linguistic group. It is the extreme forms of dissent except in cases were motto is to plunder and loot. I am not trying to glorify terrorists or subscribe to this extreme form of dissent (terrorism) but what I want to convey is the real definition, shape and form of terrorism and convey all justice loving forces to discourage all efforts of big and mighty exploiters of branding just, genuine and legitimate fight of exploited people as terrorism. The hype created about terrorism presently seems to be a strategy to settle scores with exploited and suppressed.

Every individual and government has a right to protect itself and its subjects from the wrath of terror but to perpetuate and use terror as a tool to counter any political, economic , religious or racial dissent, by the state  neither suit to humanity nor comes within the assigned job and mandate of the state. State and its instruments and institutions of governance have to behave within a frame work of constitution, natural justice and norms and can not be absolved of any violation and terror tactics as a tool to curb dissent. Intimidating, and killing of innocents had been the tool used by the state and its agencies to curb dissent and dissidence since long , but these inhuman and brute methods does not suit to the present set up of governance who claim to be under the influence of democracy . Governments can not claim to exercise powers of killing and insulting human and humanity under the garb of ambiguity of national security.

Recent killing of a Brazilian national in London to save Britons from much hyped terrorism is quite shame full for a nation which otherwise claims to be the most humble lot; the champion of democracy and human rights. Indian political system also can not be absolved of the heinous crime of kill these three yet to bloom buds of humanity at Trahgam. These brutal killings make the definition of terror and terrorism more complex and ambiguous.

From London to Trhegham a reign of terror has been let loose by these apparatus of governance who claim to have mandate for sovereignty of their states and safety of their subjects. These systems have to answer, if not here but in the court of Almighty.

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