Kashmir at a crossroads.


Writing about Kashmir fearlessly and speaking your heart is easier said than done, that too while living in Kashmir. But, when you are witness to brutal killings, mayhem and extremes of injustice every one loses his sense of wellbeing and chooses to be part of campaign against suppression. Commenting on Kashmir turmoil has to go through a tight rope and at occasions lands you in proverbial quagmire situation of ‘between devil and Deep Sea’.

Kashmir problem, haunting the whole sub-continent for last more than six decades, has severely influenced the socio-political and economic aspects of people of this area and the present entanglement of more than hundred days’ death and destruction has attracted much of world attention. Every one on National and international front is aware of severe situation and its possible ramifications. Every ploy to downplay the magnitude of this issue by each quarter has failed; Kashmir has grabbed more and more world notice even after resorting to Gobbelian propaganda strategy by its tormentors. Kashmir and its people have experienced many political adversities since 1947 but the present mass unrest, essentially, manifestation of gen-X anger and sense of deprivation has aggravated the situation beyond anybody’s influence. Theories of stoking people’s anger in Kashmir by vested interests have gone flat and there are no takers to such hypotheses of biased reasoning of foreign hand and political hostility. From Srinagar to New Delhi every self-styled Kashmir specialist is providing half-baked way-out plans but every suggestion boomerangs with a much bigger thud each time. Kashmir has been turned into a field laboratory of trying new methods of suppression both by deceit and by force. From trickery of – long stick and shorter carrot to painful maiming might of pallet guns every experiment has been tried on vulnerable Kashmiri populace without any crucial impact on their psyche and resolution to fight suppression.

Now, everyone knows the fact that present moment is manifestation of people’s resentment, particularly that of younger generation against deprivation and inconsiderate behavior of successive government at Srinagar and Delhi.

Deprivation, of right to decide about the future of Kashmir and its people as promised by none less than the head of  government of republic of India at the time of messy Accession of 1947 and inconsiderate–India was always towards the genuine aspiration of Kashmiri people. Very often, every human being after getting empowered and emancipated from unconstrained deprivation either turns out to be a champion of freedom or ensures support for every human race yearning for liberation. In case of India the trend has reversed. It is amazing that people (Indians) who suffered a lot at the hands of invaders from time to time and prominently who were made slaves by British treachery through ‘East India Company’ ghost have washed their tormented psyche of atrocious miseries inflicted by British, during last six decades. If they remember the pain meted out to their elders during ‘The Raj’ they will be able to guess and feel the pain and agony of people of Kashmir and would gladly vote out the colonial approach of their few policy makers.

Nationality is an illusion, unless it does not have a powerful binding factor of affection and unity devoid of any coercion. Every human being has an aspiration to live an honorable and dignified life and when majority of a separate human race reflects the same level of thinking for peaceful and harmonious living, a Nation comes into shape. Thrusting nationality at the cost of collective aspiration of a distinct race by oppression is nothing more than a brute suppression.

Last hundred days in Kashmir, century of killings, innocent and unwarranted killings in most of the cases depicts how a nation of billion believing and practicing democracy are lead by a bunch of policy makers to a situation of impending predicament. Common man, particularly in a developing society like India is unaware of abuse of his mandate and trust reposed in a particular (exploiter) class of society, thus a cycle of suppression and atrocities unleashed by a vicious group of people becomes the fate of the whole guiltless nation.

Indian Nation, whose forefathers have distinction to fight a collective fight against suppression of British along with our elders and we the proud inheritors of that grand legacy feel honored. Alas! A few individuals are misleading a billion Nation by beating the drub of Nationality and National interest without giving any weight and consideration to facts and human values and aspirations. Blaming only the fanatical pseudo nationalists of India for pain and agony of poor Kashmiris will be gross injustice. Class of hereditary hypocrites and sycophants facilitating the oppression in Kashmir since 1947 by all overt and covert means and practices are equally responsible for this hundred day misery and mayhem. From the day first in 1947 their fore-fathers have resorted to ‘having the cake’ and against the proverbial norm are ‘eating it too’. This political class dominant with attributes of exploitation and deceit are proud to be categorized and recognized as ‘mainstream politicians’. Their policy is to wait, watch and be on prowl and their modus operandi is to fleece and exploit the people when they are at their lowest. Some of them are presently fleecing, killing and hurting Kashmiris while others are waiting in the wings. This unending cycle of political exploitation of Kashmir situation has misled not only the people of India but their leaders and policy makers as well. The political mockery and gimmickry of this mainstream political fraternity made Indian leadership to enter into conditional accession, least effective Delhi agreement, sham Delhi accord, and many more agreements, landing them nowhere close to complete integration of Kashmir with union of India.

Kashmir situation has rightly come to a point where its leaders are no more master of the Kashmiri people. Other day a young Kashmiri leader rightly said in a television debate, “Hand on my heart, the leaders are not selling any dreams to the people instead the people are selling dreams to their leaders”. Kashmir conflict has passed on to third generation of Kashmiris who are educated and well aware of historic facts and facades of deceit and pain inflicted on their elders. This young generation of anger with passion for empowerment and emancipation listen to none except their own will and whim of genuine and justified resolution of their legitimate demand.

This is the time for sincere people in Indian to make an honest effort to reach out to this generation of pure minds with apolitical psyche. But this effort should be without the direct or indirect influence of any political middleman. Indian society through their leadership should try to gauge the pain of Kashmiris particularly during these hundred days of death and destruction while imagining being in the shoes of their elders who had experienced extremes of sufferings at the hands of their exploiters. When initiatives are taken from a human plane, results will sure be positive.

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