A humble Kashmiri!

What more can he do except banging his head against a wall???

Common Kashmiri standing on the crossroads of elections and aftershock of devastating floods is completely confused. People can’t decide, how to prioritize. They don’t know whether to partake in much hyped political ‘Mission— 44’ or  brace for reconstruction and battle against fast approaching harsh winter? Poor Kashmiri battered by devastating floods and pushed into the vortex of ill-timed elections by the political syndicate has nothing but doom on his side. Except common Kashmiri himself no one can feel the real pain of devastation and havoc brought by the floods. Ruined infrastructure paralyzed economic activity and shattered population is what once beautiful and happening Kashmir is all about at present. Floods aside, the present elections are not only multi-cornered but every political camp has a lot at stake. The outcome of elections will decide the future of mainstream politics and politicians and will obviously influence the political setup in the state. The much talked about separatists will not remain untouched by the results. The effectiveness of their boycott theory will be put to tough test and their political prosperity will be decided by present election.

 Mission—44, a political mirage spawned by some political stakeholders with the active support of few homegrown political neophytes and shrewd power brokers has created a virtual storm in the mainstream political camps making several political bigwigs scary. Kashmir as rightly categorized by the architects of the Indian constitution is a specialized region that never behaves like other Indian states. Kashmir in no way is either Gujarat or Utter Pradesh or for that matter Maharashtra where political division and machinations will yield the desired results. No doubt the antagonism between the two main regional political rivals in the state provides a congenial atmosphere for political intruders to succeed, but agile Kashmiris are well versed with the art of deprecating acts of coercion and can change the course of politics at any time against all odds. Kashmir has a long history of invitational political meddling. Presently, several political dilettantes are working overtime to invite and promotion political Mughals and enjoy power by proxy. It is an eye-opener for political entities and leaders who claim to be saviors of Kashmir people and preach for boycott. I don’t contest their logic for boycott but in life (particularly in politics) nothing is static. At present in the context of existing political scenario and concocted cocktail of Mission—44 our boycott amounts to tantrum and in a society of crooks and atmosphere of avariciousness tantrums are rewarded only through opportunism.
 Beyond Mission—44, Kashmir politics has become comical with muddy charges and counter charges traded by the rival political parties. Interestingly, at present under the influence of election fever tyrants behave like saviors and saviors are dubbed as persecutors. The whole political scene has turned murkier with shameful acts of turncoats and hypocrites. Recently, a retired police officer desirous of trying his luck in this murky trade of politics had to eat a humble pie for no fault of his own but the policies of his political masters during his active service. A postmortem of every overt and covert act of the said officer was done in election meetings without respecting the sentiments of the officer. Alas! Government officers are governed by conduct rules while there are no behavioral restrictions for politicians.
A poor Kashmiri is watching and experiencing all this while getting excruciating churn in the whirlpool of nature’s wrath and apathy of rulers with a hope for forgiveness from the Almighty and a respite from the painful political festival of elections. Robed of his bread and butter, home and peace of mind by punishing floods common Kashmir requires honest and value based politics of better administration and sympathy not the vitiated political atmosphere where only dirty political linen is washed in public. The issues of common Kashmiri have been put on the back-burner and the poor Kashmiri himself dumped in the political backyard leaving him in lurch and to fend for himself. The old saying, that misfortune never comes alone holds good for present situation in Kashmir. Turmoil torn valley, devastated with ravaging floods, experiencing the worst ever political turf war and an impending tough winter is the worst example of collective adversities. May God give the Kashmiri people enough courage and power of resilience to bear and fight out all the mess and miseries?