A story of half-truth!

Aimed to divide, Dulat”s work can unite the leadership!

Amarjit Singh Dulat, regarded as India’s leading expert on Jammu and Kashmir has been a familiar face within Kashmir crisis management apparatus. Even after his retirement from active service as super spy his opinion on Kashmir issue is respected more than others. Mr. Dulat’s book on Kashmir crisis titled ‘Kashmir: The Vajpayee Years’ and his subsequent interviews revealing much of Kashmir’s murky politics and filth accumulated during long years of managing turmoil in Kashmir has stirred the whole political atmosphere in Kashmir.In the first instance the revelations made by Mr. Dulat are professionally unethical as it completely exposes the Indian state and all its overt and covert schemes to handle an extremely sensitive Kashmir issue, thus jeopardising its future course of action in Kashmir. However, being the favorite point man of intelligence procedure on Kashmir Mr. Dulat has been bestowed with the liberty and privilege to go for selective leakage of classified intelligence information laced with coats of selective exaggeration and arbitrary sarcasm that too in the shape of a book. His revelations (hopefully much of it is not cooked) craftily compiled in an attractive book is less eloquent and more sensational and seems to have been deliberately pumped into fluid political atmosphere of Kashmir at a crucial stage to passively glorify and prop up few and defame many. This Dulat move can provide political mileage to his mentors but at the end of the day it will ruin the whole concept of behind the scene manipulations and much talked about track two negotiations on Kashmir. Frankly speaking the trust Mr. Dulat has gained within the political spectrum of Kashmir over the years got crashed with his deviousness. In intelligence acts or track two procedures many unlike poles sometimes knowingly or unknowingly get into interaction without any intention to compromise with their fundamental ideologies and any attempt to cash such occasions with mischievous objectives is nothing but shocking deceit.

While making his divisive shocks Mr. Dulat as true intelligence man has cunningly tried to distance himself from the people and personalities he tried to support and revive. But he has failed to hide his intentions, exposing worst part of his much hyped Kashmir oriented expertise. While heeding to his mentors and bolstering his longtime associates in Kashmir politics he has targeted many—some without any logic and others with a valid reason. He has tried to ruffle many feathers and create confusion within all shades of political flocks, sending them in defensive mode. As a true spymaster he has succeeded in not only to sell his half-truth story like hot cakes among gullible Kashmiris but made it to work as catalyst to stir the whole political system in Kashmir. With his half-baked storyline he has succeeded in casting aspersions on the integrity of a certain section of the political spectrum in Kashmir, but at the same time he has exposed the whole strategy of so-called Kashmir think-tank and its modus operandi to belittle the evolving Kashmir leadership.

Many believe that Mr.Dulat’s book will drag numerous skeletons out of the Kashmir cupboard and many political heads will roll with the passage of time. Several analysts are of the opinion that splits—both vertical and horizontal will further divide the already battered separatist camp and ultimately it will crumble under its own weight.

But such move can even boomerang and instead of splits there will be reunifications as well! It appears momentarily Mr. Dulat has succeeded in creating a political wedge, defame many and sensationalize the Kashmir’s political scenario but with the passage of time the people in the whole region will come to know about this muddy plot. With his revelations Dulat has put almost all Kashmir polity on the back foot with a question mark on their uprightness and onus lies on them to clear their stand and sail through the murky political waters of Kashmir. As otherwise it will be presumed, whatever is written in Dulat’s book of ‘defame’ is right and holds true for all of them. Dulat has played his card to manage the Kashmiri resistance with much ease and very little resource of words and now others have to defend themselves with logic and reasoning, lest his half-true story of malice will become a bible of evidences.