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Cosmetics won’t do,attempts must be serious.

We are almost back to square one after wandering in the deserts of armed struggle and alleys of interlocution with road-maps of ‘autonomy’ and ‘self-rule’. In between we tasted bitter fruits of much hyped economic and development packages; experienced occasional bouts of selectively invitational talks. For last more than two decades Kashmiri people are stuck in the most horrible vortical conflict, worst kind of deception and exploitation. Apparently there is no end to this situation of abuse! Uncertain Kashmir is a political goldmine for many and will never be allowed to settle down tranquilly, by groups with vested interests. Bruised Kashmir is exploited by many to collect alms on international arena of charity and others catalyze international disconcertion to their advantage, with precarious Kashmir situation.
Kashmiri people’s notion about the outcome of interlocution drama was manifestation of exploitative policy practiced in Kashmir for the last more than six decades. From the day ‘go’ interlocutors were acting as soothers on behalf of administration with an agenda to cool tempers and buy time. Their contradictory postures and statements of ‘blow hot, blow cold’ was part of their preconceived script of deception. The complete report of interlocutors is yet to be made public but its broader contours of trickery are quite visible through their preludial briefings and post submission position and statements. By all means interlocutors have not only failed but in the garb of ‘legal agency’ of dialogue they have betrayed the people of India in general and that of Kashmir in particular; they have disrespected the practice of interlocution.
Once the interlocution chapter lost its opiate effect on the people of Kashmir and their ever increasing miseries a new chapter of ‘invitational’ talks is making rounds in power corridors of Kashmir. Every, Tom, Dick and Harry of Kashmir conflict will be lured to this bait of Kashmir talks , pushing the real issues of Kashmir to the backyard for another ‘nice’ spell of good, great time. This time round, the bait being (seemingly) sweeter is drawing even the most extreme ends of Kashmir resistance closer to itself. How these prospective invitational talks, offered by the highest authority at central command, will affect the Kashmir scenario, only, time will tell? We, in Kashmir know; it is one more ploy to buy time to further botch-up the disconcerted Kashmir. Earlier, these ploys were used to divide the resistance movement and vertical splits were orchestrated in the separatist camp by selective talks with certain selective sections of the camp.
Several other tactics of prolongation are already running parallel to major plans of political dishonesty in Kashmir. Revocation of AFSPA (armed forces special powers act) is one such course; exploited to divert the attention of Kashmiri people from the basic issues of empowerment and emancipation. Whenever, some political confusion crops up within Kashmir politics, AFSPA takes the centre stage and politicians settle their scores by reverting back to AFSPA rollback rhetoric. Under present circumstances the fabric of coalition is getting looser with every passing day and each partner resorts to coercive politics to extract more political power from this marriage of connivance. To thwart the political maneuvering of its coalition partner and divert the attention of common man, present political dispensation is using AFSPA as a weapon.
For centuries Kashmir and its people have got raw deal at the hands of their masters. During last six decades in the garb of egalitarian system, this unrefined treatment was more excruciating. Kashmiris as human beings need justice at the hands of their managers and should not be subjected to any remote control system of exploitation with rosy puppets of interlocutors, deceptive offers of talks and deceptive employment and economic packages. Instead Kashmir requires a considerate political treatment based on historical facts and legitimate rights.

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