An open letter to youth of Kashmir.

Here is a way that leads to dignified Kashmir.

It was just a coincidence, when I conceived this piece one gentleman and widely read columnist Chetan Bhagat had already given words to his desire regarding youth of Kashmir, but with a different shape. Even after my views being quite contrary to Mr. Bhagat’s conception my editors were caught in a fix as to who wrote first. Me or Baghat. Thus the delay. Anyways, here I am.

Dear young-men, after abolition of autocratic rule in 1947 all of us were hopeful of better days. Our elders putting their blood for freedom expected fair politics, decisive empowerment and ultimate emancipation. But, unfortunately, it seems even after more than six decades this once beautiful land of learned people is caught in political confusion. I need not lecture you—the galaxy of learned young people, on post 1947 political developments in Kashmir as you are a more gifted and knowledgeable generation. Interestingly, most of you are born when Kashmir was passing through its most critical political phase and experiencing violence of all sorts.

My dear, young comrades, with all regards to your young, energetic self and salute to your highest degree of resilience and capability to fight against all kind of injustice I have a word for you—word of reasonable patience, binding unity and better organization. I don’t want one more generation of young people should go waste for a cause other than the absolute empowerment for Kashmir and its people, particularly the younger generation. If you unite for the common cause of Kashmiris’ than wasting your energy for lesser issues, we can generate a vibrant voice that will have its say in almost all vital affairs of Kashmir. This powerful united voice can dominate Kashmir politics and clean it of its six decades old rot; revolutionize economic and social scenario of Kashmir that has experienced nothing but chaos and confusion over the period of time. I sincerely advise you to organize your resources under a socio-political institute that will not only carry forward long cherished aspirations of youth of Kashmir, but with passage of time can lead the whole nation to settle all its pending issues to the best of people’s wishes and aspirations.

The last six decades of Kashmir history is witness how politicians and their veiled masters misused Kashmiri youth only to their own benefit and securing their political constituencies. Some misled youth with a promise to shape them as instruments of change through so-called mainstream politics and others just lured them to negative politics. Manipulative politics from all directions consumed more than three generations of Kashmiri youth. I don’t want to see you divided in political blocks anymore, but would like to have all of you on one and only one side of fence to fight against injustice, subjugation and politics of divide and rule.

Your blood is sacred and no one would like to find it smeared on the streets of Kashmir at the hands of suppressors without any reason and cause. I don’t mean that you should not stand against injustice and suppression, but what I, like most of Kashmiri people want that you should fight every kind of injustice forcefully, but in an organized manner with proper planning to make your tormentors to understand your capability and power to fight back. In vicious political atmosphere of Kashmir where ‘behind the curtain’ political manipulators are more powerful than political pawns  in dirty political arena, your vigorously organized, powerful and dedicated authority will become a force to reckon with. In present fluid political situation, energetic and quality youth is God’s gift for a nation that has been yearning for absolute authorization. And if channelized in right direction it can turn political tables and make people’s aspirations achievable in shortest possible time.

Frankly speaking, by calling on you to organize and tread on a definite path I am not luring or pushing you into the quagmire of dirty politics that is being practiced in Kashmir for decades, but I want you organized to get unfortunate Kashmiri people out of depressing situation of pessimism and defeat. I hope if you find my suggestion of any worth, you will all initiate a process of binding Kashmir youth at your individual levels, snowballing it into a better and larger strength with a sacred cause of serving Kashmir and its people with the sole agenda of ‘dignified Kashmir’.