Time to Introspect

Past is past, let’s make a new beginning

In my last write-up titled “And we got a new life” (October 1st) maybe I had related my tryst with recent devastating floods rather in a more emotional manner. Possibly the apprehension of overreaction being at the back of my mind had made me mention at the start of the column that, ‘it is not a routine column’. May be many people got hurt or annoyed! But, to be honest I did not intend to hurt or offend anyone or any institution. That was my heart speaking through my pen. Past is past. Now leaving everything aside it is time to introspect. Find out what went wrong?

No doubt floods, drought and other natural calamities are part of natural phenomenon and only Almighty knows what is best for His believers. However, mankind’s unrestricted indulgence in materialism and over exploitation of natural resources has more often contributed in making the natural calamities more damaging. The recent floods triggered in the catchment area of south Kashmir in few days smashed whatever came in its way, leaving behind a trail of destruction. Deforestation in catchment area and tampering with vital ground cover on way contributed a lot in making the rain water to move unhindered in most violent way taking everything along. Rain water, otherwise nectar of life for all flora and fauna if not steered well by the natural cycle devours every life and material that comes in its way. During the last two decades our precious forest area and other soil cover got damaged due to our covetous footprints. Our greed and materialistic mindset has almost overpowered the ecology and treasure of natural resources making the whole ecosystem vulnerable to disasters and ultimate devastation. The present flood fury and the worst deluge is outcome of our unrestrained tampering with fragile ecosystem both collectively and individually. No doubt laws and other deterrents are there to discourage the practice of disregarding nature and intruding into the natural cycle of balanced growth and sustenance of extreme symbiotic nature, but unfortunately our mindset has become so sick that most extreme deterrents very often fail to curb our urge of devastating materialism and plunder of natural resources. Mankind cannot stop the natural calamities but can contribute in taming them and mellow down the fury.

Now the flood water has flown down the traditional Kashyap Reshi route leaving behind destruction, death and millions of heart broken people. Our socio-economic aspect will have to face the brunt of floods. The aftermath of flood is painful and with every passing day it will be more painful. Our economic activity has gone to its lowest level; infrastructure is in shambles, above all our social system got severely hit. In coming days every Kashmiri will be put to rigorous test by the harsh impact of this flood. It will be test of our nerves and capability of resilience. Every damage and scar can be compensated and rectified but there is no remedy for bruised souls and dented social system except our own immune mechanism of resilience and flawless sense of coexistence with dignity. We have to take initiatives, both at individual and collective level to extend a loving hand of help and compassion. If we fail in maintaining our societal calm and retaining our age-old fine textured social fabric, we may lose another generation of quality human-resource and brain leaving behind a sick society. Our leaders and social scientists will have to play a vital role in making the society aware of its role in containing any social deluge.

Time has come that we change for the best. And if we don’t change now then next time there will be no second chance.