Anna’s Congress Bashing

Fighting corruption is good, but we must not be pushed to chaos

No soul on earth, and to be more precise in India will go against Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption and as civilized human beings no one should. But, for the last more than a year Anna has virtually hijacked the Indian parliamentary system and undermined the importance, authority and reputation of almost every political party in the country. Majority of Indians are putting their weight behind Anna and his team not because they blindly believe in the methodology of Anna and his team to fight against corruption but they are fed up of nation’s overall existing political dispensation; fed up of widespread corruption and nepotism within Indian polity. Team Anna should come out of this illusion of absolute public support and assert itself with some convincing mandate to fairly represent much exploited Indians. Knowingly or unknowingly, Congress party is singularly turning out to be the ultimate target of Anna Hazare’s anger. Particularly, after Anna’s one day token fast and public gathering on December 12 at Jantar Mantar with almost all opposition political parties in compulsive attendance, the Anna target has become pretty visible. And, Congress stands entirely isolated! This political isolation of Congress party has drawn clear lines between Anna and Congress. Another feature that qualifies Congress party as target of team Anna is it’s being in power at a time when Indian common man has resonantly asserted itself against injustice and corruption that too, emanating from existing process of political exploitation. Anna’s public darbaars outside parliament to resolve the Lokpal issue has nearly crippled the parliamentary system of the country. Apparently, recent logjam in the parliament was resolved but in real sense nothing substantial churns out of the parliamentary proceedings. Anna and Government standoff outcome is fairly visible on working of the parliament and accordingly the functioning of the government looks severely strained. In a situation of dissension authorities are unable to deliver, and recent financial and economic downturn seems to be the outcome of this standoff. In parliamentary democracy Parliament is the fountainhead of government’s authority and writ and attempts (even apparently sincere ones) to undermine its authority and standing will lead to confusion and anarchy.
Denying right of protest and disagreement does never auger well for democracy, but any attempt to undermine the fundamentals of democracy and its institutions will kill the basic model of equality. Any move to influence the working of constitutional bodies from outside by coercive efforts of diverting people’s anger is against the principles and concept of people’s representation. In a civilized society a set pattern of governance through people’s representation runs the affairs of the state and welfare of public. At any point of time if unfairness or corruption of power creeps into the system, that cannot be eradicated simply by outright offensive against the system and its managers. Instead, the wisdom demands exploring possibilities within the constitution and in extreme cases submit to the people; but in a constitutional way. And the best constitutional way of submitting to people is through elections. Like every common man I reiterate my stand with conviction that Indian polity is plagued with corruption, inefficiency and many other flaws. And this is not the concern of only Anna and his team but millions of Indian nationals are distressed with these cancerous indicators in the society. But if every citizen takes an organization bashing gun in his hand, what will be the outcome? Anarchy, what else! .

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