Death of Sulataan…

The loss is irreparable!

Throughout my career I have valued my colleagues irrespective of their status and rank. Ideological differences apart, I have always tried to maintain most cordial and warm relationship based on principal of coexistence—live and let live. During my professional lifespan spread over a period of almost three decades I have experienced many ups and downs. For thirty years I have observed innocent getting punished for no fault of theirs and mediocre getting elevations for attributes they ever possess. I was bullied, intimidated, exploited and at times put to grind of punishments on awfully weak grounds. All along, enduring all this with open mind and a big heart, I find nothing in my kitty to express regret. But, yes what disturbed me most during these years was tragic death of several of my colleagues. Some perished with the flames of turmoil and others forced by the fate to depart this worldly environ without concluding their responsibilities. No doubt death is predestined and keeps no calendar but loss of a dear and near one leaves a long lasting mark on your psyche and at times disturbs for long.

Sultan was compelled to plan his life beyond the schedule and had to put in extra efforts to push life to the levels of parity. Few days earlier Sultan sought a leave to collect his salary little knowing that he was carrying a life threatening physiological ailment within his physique aggravated over the period of his relentless struggle against all odds. Innocently Sultan lost his battle against the faulty social system we have been pushed in and left his family lurching for want of sustenance and social support, so important in a society full of exploiters. A fortnight ago I overheard Sultan having an argument with his spouse over phone. And the bone of contention was education of their children. Sultan had rightly acknowledged the importance of education in the process of empowerment and was particular about education of his children so that they will not have to suffer like him and others of that ilk.
The disparaged ones can be the Sultans of their destiny but they are nowhere close to justice and level playing field in affairs of their life! Like Sultan they are made to go through excruciating pain and discrimination at every stage of their struggle and existence in life. Sultan tasted the ultimate end-point of his life; a deal with his Creator, but his somewhat precocious death left a void among his colleagues, his family and particularly within the huge lot of ridiculed and   exploited people who are unable to withstand the onslaught of mighty and powerful in their desperate struggle for survival. May Almighty bestow the soul of Sultan with peace!