Deepening Polarization.

Kashmir is the multifaceted issue having far reaching influence on the political developments in the subcontinent and it seems it is getting more complicated with every passing day. The recent escalation in ongoing Kashmir conflict catalyzed by the Amarnath land row leading to economic blockade seems taking new but dramatic turns. Whole Indian press flashed catchy headlines ‘Kashmir is boiling- Kashmir on the edge’.  Indian civil society had never reacted and felt the pulse of Kashmir conflict as severely earlier as it is bothering it now, even killings and violation of human rights in Kashmir during last two decades did not make any impact on the people in authority and saner sections having penchant for justice, fair play and respect for human rights.

What changed the mindset of people in authority, intelligentsia and civil society with a say regarding Kashmir and Kashmiries? The answer is massive people’s participation (particularly the younger generation) with enormous support only to get rid of their miseries, hardships and shackles of exploitation and subjugation without the manipulative interference of politicians. It is people’s movement now; only people’s tehreek with no strings of political manoeuvring and abuse attached to it.

Political dispensation of all shades every time failed Kashmiries and particularly for last two decades politicians made mess of Kashmir issue just for their own political considerations and constituencies.  Politicians and so called leaders mislead people and thus an urge was getting shape within the people of Kashmir to rise not only against the injustice met to them for decades but to do away with the political popery and the defective leadership. Kashmiries helplessly watched disintegration and vertical split of their leadership they have evolved and trusted at the cost of their blood, not on ideological basis but on egoistic lines. This lava within the Kashmiries was waiting for the right opportune to burst out and take the every establishment of governance and so called leadership by surprise. Amarnath land row was only an excuse; actually it is people’s anger against suppression, political deceit by existing leadership that was brewing within the people’s psyche. Turning point rather flash point was strangulation of Kashmir and Kashmiries by blocking only (existing) life line of Kashmir during Amarnath land dispute. Kashmiries are very sensitive people having great regard for their honour and self-importance and any one trying to fiddle with it hurts them most and makes them to rise and revolt even if they will be unable to stand by the power of their tormentor. Kashmiries are facing political deception and discrimination at the hands of otherwise emancipated people since 1947 and over this period at least one new generation has joined the population of Kashmir and no political system and leadership can afford to ignore, deceive and browbeat these young people by political trickery, and hollow promises. This present Gen-x is energetic, educated, exposed to developments in modern civilized world and unfortunately majority of them are without work for any sin of theirs even after being qualified and trained. During present uprising the anger of these young people was so severe that they virtually dragged Hurryat leaders out of their palatial and fortified houses after Muzaffarabad chalo event, an event initiated by the fruit growers of north Kashmir when they suffered huge losses out of shameful blockade. No powers can hold up the upsurge of these young angry people who have reached to the levels of conviction where they are leaders unto themselves unless a viable political settlement is worked out for resolving the vexed Kashmir issue and secure future of this passionate generation.

Kashmir conflict touched new scales in late eighties at that point of time exploitation and extremes of subjugation worked as catalyst to ignite resistance against suppression and explore enhanced resolve for right of self determination in Kashmir. Then it was not exclusively a people’s moment but there was some pinch of opportunistic political interference and manipulation, some factor of exploitation from certain political elements managed to penetrate into the genuine process of emancipation, which were otherwise at the verge of marginalisation. Some of these vested interests later on worked as moles to sabotage the whole initiative of seeking emancipation and some of them indulged into narcissism bothering least about the people’s plight and the ultimate goal. Change of face by these elements on turn of events gave shape to many political opportunities and opportunists who made hay while the people were dying (sun was shining for them). Several stories of political rags to riches and rise of political novice to higher echelons of power is the out come of this mean intrusion by vested interests. Over the period of time this whole drama was being witnessed by the present generation of young dissidents. They watched these politicians and leaders change their political colour as chameleons, shedding preverbal crocodile tears on one occasion and insulting their elders on other occasion. This generation compared their fate with other civilised societies in the vicinity of Kashmir and now they seek justice and disbanding of faulty political and leadership system even at the cost of their life.

Kashmir has a recorded history spread over many thousand years and it is full of maltreatment and subjugation met out to them but they could hardly resist their exploitation with such massive participation. In early nineties the severity of resistance rather unrest had no matches in previous Kashmir history but then there was factor of fire arms in the middle of unrest but now it is a different story where people are on the streets with bare chests to face every brute force, even bullets. Any one professing humanity with conviction and standing like a rock for human rights and civil liberties can not afford to glorify induction of gun culture in resolution of issues related to rights and liberties but denying the role of extremism under given circumstances in getting Kashmir issue to fore front can not be denied by any one with a realistic approach towards the issues. For last two decades Kashmiries have faced extremes of coercion and torture, their honour, property and life was at stake just for the sake of their genuine aspiration otherwise guaranteed within the scope of natural justice. This whole scenario unfolded in front of present generation and they are capable to compare and comprehend and decide what is best for their interest as honourable citizens of the global village. The political events in resent past in Kashmir has brought sea change in the political outlook of common man in Kashmir and no political gimmickry can influence the resolve to seek justice.

The sincerity and severity of people’s uprising brought together even the warring factions of Hurryat to join the peoples agitation , the circumstantial compulsion was so severe that every Hurryat leader had to shun their egoistic and narcissist approach and bow before the people’s verdict of ‘tang amad ba jang amad’ . So by all means this is absolutely common man’s uprising particularly that of the younger generation and no one can afford to soften or get their own meaning out of this mass movement. Any one who would dare to cash these young people’s aspiration of justice and quest for emancipation will make a place in history as worst enemies of People of Kashmir and this volatile generation will not spare them to further discolour the otherwise memorable pages of history.

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