Kashmir Suffers!

Whatever the situation Kashmir is always at the receiving end…

Kashmir! Some put it at par with Switzerland. Others more exaggeratedly describe it as paradise on the earth. Political status of Kashmir is also blemished with many versions—disputed territory, integral-part, and many more. Certainly Almighty has been very kind in bestowing beauty to Kashmir. However politically the ground situation in Kashmir is different and difficult to comprehend. Kashmir is a bone of contention between two independent but egoist nations; torn between mainstream and separatist politics and for last more than two decades trapped in the whirlpool of violence. Kashmir is bruised beyond recognition and Kashmiris subjected to extreme torment. Kashmir is a much older sore on political face of the subcontinent, but for last more than two decades it has turned into a festering wound; a political flashpoint that can ignite any time to engulf the whole region into flames of devastating conflict.
Political compulsions within the region in general and warring India and Pakistan in particular have worsened the Kashmir issue and pushed its much awaited genuine settlement on the back burner. As if both India and Pakistan are not satisfied with tearing division of Kashmir and its people more than six decades ago, they are incessantly playing politics with genuine aspirations and rights of Kashmiri people. The egoistic Shah Ragg and Atoot Ang politics is the epicenter of Pakistani and Indian political theatre. Most political leadership and parties in both the countries at the time of domestic crisis and looming elections resort to Kashmir card and exploit it to the best of their ability. Kashmir is the most tempting political subject in Indian and Pakistani political scenario that works as most powerful tool to exploit gullible common man in both countries. Come election time both countries apparently poke each other; rake up most contagious and exploitative issues like Kashmir to build up dramatized situation of hostility and strain to befool their voters. Interestingly this time general elections are round the corner in both the countries. Pakistan is going to polls in May this year and Indian politicians have to face bothering elections in 2014. This situation of relative coincidence has compelled political leadership on either side to go out for a kill and exploit Kashmir issue up to the hilt.
For the last many months the bonhomie between India and Pakistan is fading and all those much talked about CBMs and bridges of trust are collapsing. For any violence in Kashmir or for that matter in any part of the country Indian politicians pull out Kashmir card just to browbeat each other on their local political turf. Same applies to the Pakistani leadership in particular and the political fraternity in general. During much controversial Afzal hanging they did not register any substantial protest. However, after more than a month when their Parliament term was about to expire and the tenure of the government was at its fag end they passed a poking resolution. This resolution was more local politics centric than Kashmir sympathetic. In Pakistani parliament political fraternity irrespective of their affiliations played the Kashmir card to exploit their prospective voters.  Alas! Kashmir is stuck in the quagmire of egoistic politics at regional and international level and exploitative politics at local level.  More surprisingly the international community is least bothered about the region and is least interested in making better sense to prevail. Local political scenario in Kashmir is not less gloomy and is turning murkier with every passing day. Exploitative politics of deceit, deception and opportunism dominants local politics and no political entity can be absolved of this brazen politicking. Mainstream or their antagonists for their own interests are equally responsible in delaying and thwarting prospects of resolving Kashmir issue.         
At this juncture it becomes imperative for international community to use their good offices to prevail upon the major players in this region to behave sensibly and at regional level India and Pakistan should restrain from playing hide and seek on Kashmir and as responsible sovereign states should rise above political considerations and egoistic arrogance for an amicable solution on Kashmir that will be acceptable to one and all.