Kashmir—The over exploited paradise.

Three months unrest smeared with blood and unabated mayhem is a huge tragedy. Kashmir is bruised beyond recognition! Its beautiful scenery, economic health and its people have suffered a lot. How Kashmir and its people are sustaining this cruel situation of hardships, only Divinity can decode the secret? This despairing period of three months has taken toll of more than three decades of our pleasure. Amid turmoil, days become longer and nights more scary. Fear-psychosis overpowers sense of reasoning and logic and you become impaired—devoid of ability to make correct decisions. This mired situation of confused state of mind and body drags deep into the oblivions of miseries; minds get jammed and channels of wisdom clogged. And in such situation of despair when every Kashmiri irrespective of his position and standing is torn between sufferings and survival many people make political and materialistic hay while the proverbial sun of turmoil shines.

Petty materialistic exploiters apart, Kashmir Politicians, particularly the turncoats as usual are shifting their stands with every passing day. Political groups, that were earlier behaving as the only saviors of suppressed and exploited Kashmiri’s; at the moment leave no stone unturned to remain clung to power. Interestingly, Political entities that just few years back were instrumental in stretching to any extreme extent of coercion to save their authority are now acting like holy cows waiting for the opportune time to grab power. And several political freelancers who would always love to be part of any political chemistry for the sake of power, now finding themselves marginalized give political sermons to politicians with whom they have shared dirty politics and shameless power at one or the other point. Unfortunately, politics beyond Kashmir valley is also not sympathetic towards people of Kashmir. Since long whenever Kashmiri people sought political justice the attention was always either diverted to its borders and neighbors or some other inconsequential issues were orchestrated to play it down. As usual, this time round also, instead of negotiating and calming down the unrest the whole setting has been pushed to the borders and immediate neighbors, escalating to a situation of war hysteria. Unfortunately, an issue of genuine demands is being culminated into war mongering. Brushing genuine issues under the carpet may restore some temporary peace, but at the end of the day minds and hearts cannot be drawn towards reconciliation and calmness.

All these political groups, state and national level, irrespective of the fact weather they are in power or waiting for opportune time to grab power, are eagerly waiting for the dust of unrest to settle so that they can have their plans implemented to their likings; bothering least about a huge population of millions of Kashmiris. No politician in this part of land is concerned about sufferings of common Kashmiri. Kashmir people laden with huge burden of dispute and unrest for last seven decades are torn between the egos of two nations and both these countries exploit Kashmir and its people to their choice, liking and evolving domestic political situation. Several full-fledged wars and many incursions were staged taking advantage of Kashmir issue; trampling Kashmir and its people along with many other lesser mortals in the region.  Instead of listening to woes and genuine demands of Kashmiri people and initiate steps to resolve this issue peacefully to the satisfaction of all stake holders, Kashmir people are either browbeaten to imposed calm or coerced to subjugation. And for this all are responsible in one way or the other.

Over exploitation of Kashmir issue has brought it to the flashpoint of devastating confrontation in the region that can have all sorts of ramifications beyond the borders of the subcontinent. The recent events of escalation in confrontation in shortest period of few weeks are an eye opener not only for the populations and leaders of the region but for stake holders beyond the subcontinent. The considerable nuclear arsenal with two main contenders of Kashmir issue will prove devastating in case of any egoistic military madness or misadventure. Time has come when powers within the vicinity of Kashmir should understand the fragility of the issue and use their good offices to resolve Kashmir issue to the best satisfaction of stake holders in the best interest of peace in the region and the unrelenting sufferings endured by millions of Kashmiris for decades.