Malegaon violence investigation.

Mankind has a history of disagreements and subsequent conflicts during its early march towards civilization. Civilized societies are at logger heads even now due to one or the other reason but extreme violence to pursue the agenda of cast, colour, religion and other political and social disagreements amounts to denial of fundamentals of civilization. Reaction to any force of coercion, intimidation and exploitation is human nature and portrays the urge of honourable and dignified survival of mankind but resorting to extreme reaction for petty egoistic agenda symbolizes the brute within the human being. Recent blasts and other violent acts can be reactions to many immoderate acts of bullying, coercion and selective victimization let loose by a section of radical power centres which resort to all tactics of cleansing of their ideological opponents. These acts of violence are also reaction to indifferent and selective approach of law enforcing agencies. Discrimination invites reaction; some times violent reaction and violence invites counter violence. This is the story of violent acts in many sensitive areas of India and finally the revelation made by investigating agencies with regard to Malegaon blasts. First time in independent India such startling revelations has been made by an investigating agency on the basis of its findings. If Malegaon investigation stands to the test of law then this incident is an eye opener for the Indian polity. It may have to ponder upon the defects, loopholes and discrepancies within the system which encourages discrimination and bias. If system of governances moves and delivers honestly, sincerely and impartially no reaction in the shape of violence and subsequent counter violence will take place.

Malegaon blast and its subsequent investigations have given birth to several mysteries and controversies and in the middle of investigation Kashmir link have surprised many. Several political outfits in India call these investigations motivated and laden with ulterior motives. How far it is true only time will tell? Investigations are investigations, process to dig out truth and facts. Unless the investigations are not brought to their logical conclusions every accused is innocent but there are certain unwritten rules of conscience and morality which require people under consideration to behave reasonably and defend them selves against all allegations. Every one who comes under the radar of investigating agencies should either voluntarily submit before the authorities or should clear the mist of suspicion of his own with logic, reasoning and facts. We should have all sympathies with the accused till they are either cleared or subjected to the law based on impartial and honest investigation. Unnecessary harassment of any citizens in the name of investigation should be the main concern of people monitoring civil liberties and authorities should also ensure safeguard of people’s liberties as guaranteed by the constitution. Malegaon investigation and Batla house incident in Jamia Nagar area of Delhi are identical situations for the investigations agencies and need same treatment to every accused. Unfortunately at occasions bias influences and takes over the conviction of investigators at the behest of political manipulators. Such attitude of the establishment leads to further confusion, animosity and ultimate distrust.

Amarnath agitation is yet to settle down and another set of startling revelation (accusation) made by some political authorities about the proximity of ex governor with one of the Malegaon accused has created storm in the already charged atmosphere in this state. How far the revelations are authentic and how long they will stand the test of reality only time will tell? Mr. Sinha’s alleged proximity with swami Dayanand Pandey alleged Malegaon blast mastermind can not be brushed aside so lightly as Mr. Sinha has not only been the governor of Jammu and Kashmir but he has also served one of the largest and well organised armies in the world as its glorious solider with many decorations pinned on his chest. Mr. Sinha’s alleged nearness to perpetuators of violence has dragged the prestige of gubernatorial institution to the tunnel of disgrace, and Mr. Sinha has to clear his position with strong logic and reasoning.

The needle of suspicion regarding affiliation with alleged Malegaon plotters has turned towards some political figures in Kashmir as well. How far these allegations are credible again time will be the best judge? But yes onus lies on the accused and they have to put in extra efforts to clear the murky waters. Merely sitting with the wrong people at the right place or with right people at the wrong place no one can be pronounced guilty but yes he or she is accused and defence becomes imperative. This phenomenon of allegations, accusations, investigation, defence and ultimately acquittal or conviction has shaped over a long period of time with the progress of civilization and as a rule of ethics every civilized human being have to adhere to it strictly.

Rajbhawan the fortified office cum palatial residence of Governors reminds of Residencies of the erstwhile ‘Raj’. Jammu and Kashmir has its own history of governance; by proxy, with iron hand and intimidation. Here every aspect of life is unique and governance is no difference. After abolition of autocracy we were privileged to have the post of Sadar-i-Riyasat instead of Governor and fortunately or unfortunately the first person appointed on this post carried legacy of autocracy as his bag and baggage. Thus from resident to Sadar-i-Riyasat and ultimately to governor Jammu and Kashmir’s gubernatorial institution has witnessed many ups and downs. In recent years Srinagar (Jammu as well) Rajbhawan was occupied by eminent persons by virtue of their qualification and qualities but ultimately their tenure has left foot prints of bad feeling. These incidents have diluted the reputation of Governor’s post and strengthened the belief of sections of society who favour its abolition.

Ex Governor Mr. S.K Sinha was no exception within the contentious atmosphere of Srinagar Rajbhawan and he left many skeletons of controversies and shadows of misadventure at his departure. Attribution of Amarnath land row to his tenure as Governor had done enough damage to the glorious career of this eminent solider of Indian army. His over enthusiasm landed him in a trail of controversies which takes a new turn with every passing day. It will be now up to impartial historians to decide about extent of controversial role of Mr. Sinha in its right perspective as Governor of Jammu and Kashmir. Whatever will be the verdict? But an indelible mark is left on the image of Mr. Sinha and the foundations of gubernatorial structure.

Malegaon blast investigation seems leading towards can of worms and how many of these worms have hollowed the foundation of prestigious institutions and the political system only the progress in genuine investigation will reveal the facts. Malegaon incident has given a chance to every sensible sole to introspect and restrain from practising any bias and discrimination. Till all this dust of suspicion and allegation settles down in the right direction, every individual and institution should behave and stick to moral values by clearing their position regarding the slightest indication of nearness to alleged perpetuators of Malegaon violence.

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