Murder of Democracy in Egypt!

West has repeated its formula of 1952 in Egypt of course with a difference…

After Egyptian revolution of 1952 (a coup by free officers under the leadership of Mohammad Naguib and Gamal Nasir ), abdication of power by Egyptian king Farouk-I, Egyptian monarchy was abolished by the revolutionary government. On 18 June 1953 Mohammad Naguib took over as first president of Egypt after declaring Egypt as republic and ending 150 years of Mohammad Ali dynasty autocratic rule in Egypt. Subsequently Gamal Abdul Nasir, Anwar Sadat followed by Husni Mbarak ruled Egypt till 11 February 2011 when Mubarak was overthrown by people’s power in another revolution (18 days nationwide protest with its epicenter at Tahrir square Cairo). Pages of history reveal that 1952 Egyptian revolution under Naguib and Nasir was initiated by CIA as “project FF” culminating in ouster of king Farouk. However, 1952 Egypt intervention by the West had some bad patches when Gamal Nasir after taking over as president of Egypt after Mohammad Naguib maintained a low profile during cold war and his neutralist approach led to Suez Canal dispute in 1956 and later shaping of Non-Aligned moment with Indonesia’s Sukarno, Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia and Nehru in 1961.  

The Arab spring that forced many rulers out of power in the Arab world changed the whole political landscape in the region. The rulers of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen were genuinely removed with people’s support except some violence in Libya. However, several bigger tyrants of Arab world are holding the fort with active support of their masters—the West. After failures of direct military interventions experimentation in Iraq and Afghanistan the West and their cronies in Arab world resorted to their time tested indirect interventions to checkmate their adversaries. In real sense the passion of emancipation in the Arab world was whipped and actively supported by the west with ulterior motives at the back of their mind. Except Tunisian revolution being spontaneous, rest the whole Arab spring agenda seems to be initiated and whipped by the vested interests taking a cue from Tunisia and brewing anger within Arab world against their dictators.

Egypt is a unique example of inciting Arab spring, as the whole job was accomplished in just 18 days without any direct intervention by the vested interests that too in the name of sacred democracy. Here again the West and their several cronies who are afraid of any meticulous development in Arab world joined hands to have their own version of democracy in Egypt. However they failed at primary level and are working now overtime to get desired results. We can have many differences with Mohamed Morsi, his Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and his affiliation with ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ outfit. But by all means Morsi was elected democratically as compared to his predecessors that too under the system put in place after the so-called revolution by its interim arrangement. The only problem with Morsi and his government was that it did not fit well in the scheme of many powerful Arab dictators and their masters in the West. They cannot afford to have another Iran with hard-line approach in the region. And in case of Morsi they could not afford a hostile Egyptian leader deriving his inspiration fundamentally from hardcore Islamic ideology. The role of Arab tyrants in derailing the democracy in Egypt is acceptable because an oppressor cannot afford to have a democracy flourishing in his backyard. But what about the empowered and emancipated West, who believe in democracy so firmly that at times they put it above their religious belief? How can they put hurdles in a budding democracy and push it to anarchy just for their petty interest and to save the oppressive regime of their cronies?  So, is bankrolling anti Morsi activists and providing huge financial assistance to people like El Baradi and company to topple the legitimate government of Morsi justified? Deposing Morsi by instigating a section of Egyptian people and using army the West has repeated its formula of 1952 in Egypt. The difference is that in 1952 the formula was used against the autocratic monarchy but this time round in 2013, unfortunately, democracy in Egypt has been murdered!.