Nothing Unusual (Youth Killing)

Another killing and one more inquiry!

The deceptive calm in the valley for last few years made most of the authorities to speculate of a better voter turnout during the 2014 parliamentary elections. However, both the political analysts and administrative strategists not only proved wrong  as only twenty percent of total registered voters participated in the election process. At the end of the sixth phase of election process two young civilians lost their precious lives in election related violence. Death of a young teacher while performing his election duty in Shopian area and the coldblooded murder of a young man in Nawa Kadal area of Srinagar painted the whole election process in Kashmir red with the blood of innocent Kashmiris’.
Killing of young Bashir Ahmad allegedly by paramilitary troops is not an isolated incident of killing by trigger happy security agencies. During the last two decades many such young Kashmiri people were killed for no fault of theirs, except they were born in suppressed and miserably administered valley of Kashmir. People of Kashmir have lost the count of innocent killings particularly during last five years. With some respite from killings and other human rights violations during the last two seasons people in Kashmir had reconciled with their fate and were praying for better days ahead where they could live peacefully in an atmosphere of liberty and empowerment. However, every time when Kashmir and its people come to limelight because of elections or some other national or international issue of wider political ramifications it is the people of this state who suffer and pay the price. There are several versions regarding the circumstances under which innocent Bashir lost his life. Eyewitnesses claim that the young soul became victim of unprovoked firing by troops and was in no way involved in any kind of violence. On the other hand authorities without waiting for outcome of even the preliminary investigation concluded with a hypothesis of Bashir’s  involvement in heavy stone pelting on poll staff and act of snatching weapon of the security personnel. Even if the poor fellow was involved in stone pelting or any other violent activity he was not supposed to be subjected to such gruesome killing. The security forces high on unrestricted powers and fully protected under draconian AFSPA find and treat themselves haughtier on the streets of Kashmir and resort to every kind of highhandedness with impunity. Whatever the circumstances? A young soul is lost to political arrogance and administrative apathy making this nation to rue the supposed historic political decisions taken by their leaders in past.

It is almost a ritual now within the corridors of power in Kashmir that after every killing or incident of gross human rights violation government announces and constitutes an inquiry commission or a probe panel. Without casting aspersions on the working of inquiry commissions or the probe committees, almost all inquiries (with some exceptions) have failed to deliver justice. Only those findings and reports are made public which facilitate the authorities to prove and substantiate their version rest are all condemned to the murky cupboards of secrecy and maladministration. These otherwise times bound investigations or probes never get complete within the stipulated time frame and are made to linger on for years. In case of Nawa Kadal incident government has stood by its customary tradition and entrusted the job of fact finding within a period of two weeks to district magistrate Srinagar. Apparently the inquiry officer concerned seems to be a sincere man of integrity but at the end of the day this probe will meet the same fate of prejudice and lackluster approach like many such inquiries. And this will be the most painful approach towards an issue, where a tyrannous bullet hitting an innocent young man pierced many hearts. Interestingly, at times Inquiry commissions are are made to speed up the process in the best interest of chosen few and the findings are made public within no time to suit the beneficiaries.  Recently the inquiry into alleged Kishtwar administrative mishandling and messy death of   National Conference worker in custody were  not only completed well in time but made public within no time to facilitate the exoneration and rehabilitation of the concerned. It is painful to find that in this beautiful land once the seat of justice, now, even the delivery of justice is selective and delayed.
Our helpless rulers instead of being mute spectators to killings and highhandedness should act and use their power to bring the culprits to justice as otherwise their silence proves their complicity with the perpetrators and history will never forget their collaborative role of facilitating the tyrants.