One More Death

…And Kashmir continues to bleed!

Under the existing political scheme of power and greed the death of young a boy at Nadihal Bandipora is ‘another’ death of a lesser soul who is of least importance and insignificant value! This is the brand of politics that is practiced and thriving in Kashmir. Kashmir, once abode of learned men of highest order is bleeding and every inch of its soil is drenched with the blood of innocent people. Kashmir and its people have a history of exploitation and excesses at the hands of unkind rulers and their cronies. After departure of autocratic Dogras people of Kashmir had a dream—to live with peace and honour, but our fate was destined differently. Kashmir is on the boil for the last more than two decades now, experiencing stormy situation of bigger magnitude and greater ramifications with brief spells of respite from killings and abuse. In this situation of uncertainty a band of political class with no standing of their own flourished and they are out for a kill. These politicians have pushed Kashmir to the brink of disaster just for their petty political considerations and acquisitive urge. Working as instruments of suppression at the behest of their masters they feel no shame or remorse in pursuing their nefarious agenda of power through destruction. The present killing which is a small link of an extensive chain of clampdown is outcome of prevailing political scenario and the political clique at job who make fool of common masses to accomplish their agenda.

A young boy has been deprived of his legitimate right to live a peaceful life; a father robbed of his budding son and put to life’s most torturous experience of carrying the body of his dead son. This is Kashmir and its politics discoursed by our politicians! Politicians of all shape and ideology are equally responsible for this gory mess. And no political entity in this murky political situation should feel absolved of responsibility of these gruesome killing. Politicians who preach economic self-sufficiency along with prosperous younger generation don’t mind these killings. Instead they call such deaths outcome of frustration of few disgruntled people who are being exploited by the vested interests. Unable to define and identify the real vested interests this class of politicians is always in power, come what may. The other bigger political sharks fighting for political turf and making people to believe that they are their saviors resort to every political ploy and gimmickry to dilute the impact of these killings. Ultimately it is monstrous suppressor sitting behind the heavy curtain of indifference who gains out of this symbiotic relationship of power against betrayal with Kashmiri people.
Beyond the so-called mainstream politicians the others cannot be absolved of their misdoings. Growing dissent, infighting, ego and narcissism has plagued the amalgam of apparently unconventional and fundamental political groups. For more than two decades these groups could not set their own house in order then how could they plead and create a situation for peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue and stop these shocking killings of innocent people? These resistance leaders should bear in their mind that they are being watched more closely than the traditional politicians and are accountable in the Court of Almighty for their follies as they have taken the pledge to represent the aspirations of the suppressed and exploited people.
With such a pathetic political situation created by their own people, people of Kashmir have no other option but to face death and destruction and wait for the day of accountability and get hold of their own people who created horrendous situation of devastation and subjected them to suppression. Submission to deceit! Or else people of Kashmir have a choice—to rise convincingly against every force of deception, be it political or otherwise and fight peacefully but resiliently under a vigorous, honest, young and sincere leadership. Leaders don’t come down from the celestial world but evolve from the masses and a nation like ours caught in a vortex of deceit, suppression and killings is prone to such evolution and bound to produce leaders of value and worth to lead this nation of subjugated people to the shores of empowerment and emancipation. If we don’t rise to the occasion now, we will be all put to death by or own people just to please their masters and historians will write us off as cowardly nation who could not plead for their just cause.