The Gaza Carnage

Kashmir too expresses concern over the tragedy…

It is more than two weeks now Israel is pounding Gaza with bombs and killing innocent Palestinians. The whole military aggression is aimed at killing unarmed Palestinians, uprooting and depriving them of their motherland and bullying the whole Middle East. A sinister wish of America and its stooges in the west implemented through Israel — the rouge Jewish state. Such aggressions have a long history and every time it is the poor Palestinians who had to face most of anti-Arab and anti-Muslim brunt. America and its allies for long has not only been shielding Israel but encouraging it into aggressive misadventures in Middle East with impunity.
Most of the developed countries, particularly the west otherwise bragging a lot about human rights and dignity of mankind seem to be shamelessly silent on Gaza carnage. At the behest of America and many other Jewish supporters these countries are more concerned about their economy and growth and do not want to indulge in any activity that would annoy their masters. Unfortunately, first time in Indian diplomatic history, Indian government taking a cue from the west took a stand of not condemning Israeli aggression, when its foreign minister Mrs. Sushma Swaraj in the upper house of parliament said that “We have diplomatic ties with both nations. Any discourteous reference to any friendly country can impact our relations with them.” So, should we conclude that in this contemporary era of values and rights for country like India the diplomatic relations are more important than humanity? This can be the stand of its government run by a particular political dispensation with a different agenda and not of its peace loving and kind hearted people. The most unfortunate part of present Gaza aggression is that whole Middle East has gone in hibernation mode and countries like Egypt in immediate neighborhood of Gaza have ditched the Palestinians in this hour of crisis and desperation. Egyptian rulers silence and covert logistic support to Israel just to appease his masters in the West is a shameful act. Much talked about and responsible world organizations like UN (United Nations) and OIC (Organization of Islamic cooperation) have also failed miserable in taking notice of brutal killings in Gaza. Contrary to its responsibilities UN is working against the fundamentals of natural justice by delaying its intervention and giving a long rope of aggression to Israel.

Flashbacks into the recent military and political incidents in Middle East give an idea of dirty American plans vis-a-vis the Arab world. Departure of American forces from Iraq after a huge drubbing both on military and political front, America and allies clandestinely propagated and left behind a trail of viral sectarian hatred that has engulfed the whole Iraq and is presently annihilating the Iraqi population and its institutions. Later on taking advantage of the ‘Arab Spring’ uprising against the tyrants whole Arab world was pushed into confusion and chaos of proxy wars and sectarian violance. Overthrowing of democratically elected Egyptian government and installing a stooge regime under the garb of sham democracy is all related to hidden agenda of keeping the Middle East pot boiling. We can have reservations with extremist groups like Hamas in Gaza and Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt but killing of innocent women and children cannot be justified under the garb of war against rebellion. Failure after failure on all fronts Americans resorted to their earlier ploy of rattling the whole region through its much trusted henchman—Israel. After losing its all overt and covert battles in Afghanistan, Iraq and several other countries America and all other world powers in the best interest of their people should desist from arm twisting tactics and shun the path of oppression. They should respect the political, democratic and social rights of all other nations and societies in the world.
Along with many peace-loving people all over the world Kashmiri people also expressed their anguish and anger against the brutal killing of Palestinian men and women and at the time of writing these lines one young boy lost his life while agitating for the life and liberty of people of Gaza. People of Kashmir find a mirror image of their own sufferings in Palestinian conflict and express their anger more vigorously than any other community or nation in the world. In this vast world much smaller voice of Kashmiri people cannot impress the opinion makers but this humble effort depicts not only the concern of Kashmiri people against every kind of injustice but also reflects their own suffering.