The Opportunistic Politics!

Political turncoats on prowl in Kashmir…

If everything remains smooth within the National Conference, Congress coalition for next few months along with uninterrupted political ‘ashirwaad’ from the centre then 2014 will be the year of mega election. With arrival of election season political leaders run for greener pastures to have maximum out of politics; change of heart in political circles gets epidemic and political turncoats become most after sought political commodity. Kashmir politics is very intricate in shape and style with political parties and groups having dissimilar ideology and way of working. The political hopping is common in both separatist and mainstream political groups but the election time change of orbit is prevalent only with so-called mainstream politicians.

Politics is as old as civilization and the most vital characteristic of human activity. In the subcontinent after much of subjugation for centuries the ushering of new era of politics in the middle of last century brought much required respite from exploitation and oppression. But over the period of time lack of collective participation in political activity because of widespread corruption, nepotism and political exploitation whole political system has tarnished, encouraging inferior lot of political opportunists and turncoats to creep around. This situation reminds us of Greek philosopher Plato, when he cautioned about indifference towards politics. He said, “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors”. The present scenario and status of politics, particularly in this part of the world holds Plato true for every word he said centuries ago.  Present day political belief is merely power centric politics with offshoots of corruption and deceit dominated by inferiors to fulfill their unending materialistic urge. In contemporary era of knowledge, technology and innovation where politics should have been fundamental for growth and excellence, it has shrunk to deceit, egoism and lust. Present political system is like a whore that entertains only the unfaithful and worthless leaving no space for values and principles.
Back to political turncoats. This time round change of political heart started with the most prominent and high profile constituency—Ganderbal represented by none other than Sheikh Dynasty scion, chief minister Omar Abdullah. Defection from Indian National Congress into National Conference by a prominent political worker is a big blow to existing political coalition and has brought weakness of both the parties out in the open. With Ganderbal episode the floodgate has opened and political turncoats are on prowl. Almost every day all sort of mainstream political leaders and workers change their heart and venture into greener pastures of politics not to serve the people and the state but to fulfill their urge for power and materialism. Every political party, irrespective of their political ideology blatantly encourages this shameful process of shifting loyalties. No political outfit in this politically sensitive state can claim of being a holy cow as every party resort to both overt and covert maneuvering to encourage defection and make addition to their ranks. Beyond turncoats a section of exploiters after having most out of their exploitative innings take refuge in political parties. These vested interests from almost all walks of life ranging from bureaucracy, trade unions to businessmen community enter the political arena and most of the political parties welcome them with open arms without any consideration to their blemished past. This trend of taking shelter under the wigs of politics by corrupt and valueless will mortify the political system irreversibly.
Our mainstream political parties who claim to be champions of democracy and justice have to come clean on political defection and its effect on our polity particularly in election times as the murky practice amounts to deceit and opportunism leading to highest degree of corruption and exploitation. Political parties plagued with hereditary politics are the worst hit with defection and influence of turncoats. Their suffocating political setup laden with ego and narcissism is the breeding ground for sycophantic opportunists, the pioneers of murky politics. And on an optimistic note for the people at large! They should either join and participate in active politics wholeheartedly and bring positive change for the best or else their halfhearted political misadventure gives way to inferiors to play politics and rule the majority with deceit and mistrust. That is what political turncoats look for and enjoy the most.