To Omar with love

Hope understand the pain of a common Kashmiri.

Respected Omar Abdullah Sahib,

I am unable to comprehend whether these lines of mine will go well with you or will offend you? In any case! I find it obligatory on my part to give you a feel of the ‘Ground Zero’ experienced almost every day by the every common Kashmiris. In the same breath, I should also appreciate the democratic system, we are in ; that gives courage to common people like me to address even the chief executive of the government of my state. For almost three years now, you are running the management of this state under the excessive burden of many pressures and pulls. The pressure of collation dharma and pulls of extremism are the most prominent deterrents for your smooth governance. Even, your young energetic leadership and charisma could not endure these pressures and pulls and at occasions had to compromise for a smooth sail.

Omar Sahib, you have the distinction of being grandson of late Sher-e- Kashmir Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah, who at one point of time, firmly stood for complete empowerment and emancipation of people of Kashmir. His spirited uprising against the tyrants is part of the golden history of Kashmir. At the time of your elevation as leader of this state every Kashmiri was of the opinion that you will rewind the history of Kashmir to the good old, golden days of young Sher-e- Kashmir. You will full fill the dream of your grandfather—the Naya Kashmir, a Kashmir, that will be prosperous, empowered and autonomous; where everyone can live a dignified life in peaceful environs. As a common Kashmiri I am suffering for last six decades, a period almost double your age and at the end of the tunnel there is not even a ray of hope for my peaceful survival. I had pinned hope in your unblemished and dynamic leadership, but it seems my luck is running short on every front and there is no end to my agony.

Common Kashmiri is now least bothered about the political trade names and pedigree sheets of his political masters and leaders. His only concern is his safety and dignified survival. And all that seems to be a far cry for last more than six decades. After abolition of autocracy we experienced Sheiks, Bakshis, and many more but the succor of love and compassion always eluded poor, common Kashmiris. Even your dynamism could not accomplish the least of our wish list. As, I said earlier, for this we should not blame you alone. In this once beautiful land of saints and knowledge I am being exploited every day at every crossroad. Being nowhere close to any oligarchic group of exploiters and nepotists, I am being robbed of my economic opportunities and at occasions my honour is being encroached upon. Rich are getting richer with every passing day and poor condemned to extreme poverty. This situation of pain, agony and exploitation is now unbearable for me and at occasions I try to find refuge in unenthusiastic and exploitative politics of confrontation and violence. This futility has invited more trouble for me at the hands of veiled exploiters, who have infiltrated into the system. My dear young leader, three more years of mandate is left with you and for last more than six months barring few minor incidents of abrasion the situation is quite congenial for sincere and honest governance. Hope you will judge my pain genuinely and will try to elevate me and my fellow Kashmiris from the ‘Ground Zero’ of exploitation and disgrace and lay a solid foundation for true concept of ‘Naya Kashmir’— peaceful and dignified Kashmir.

Yours Sincerely,
Ghareeb Kashmiri.

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