Clean the administration.

These nauseating exploiters are destroying the very fabric of our system.

Autocrats, because of their obsessive hostility towards masses, were compelled to encourage and have sycophants around them who would work as their eyes and ears. The autocratic system was prone to influence of powerful oligarchies comprising mostly of sickening exploiters and the nepotists. However, since long our representative system has also come under the influencing hammer of exploiters, passionate love and affection for nepotism and patronage of sycophants. The process has been gradual over the period of last seven decades but at present, the obsequious exploiters have spread their deep and sturdier tentacles far and wide.Unfortunately, absolute degradation in politics and manipulative misinterpretation of social equality has compounded the situation for the worst. Our political system with conflict and discontent as its baggage since 1947 became more susceptible to exploitation and misdeeds of opportunists. Though the hangover of autocracy earlier compelled most of our political entity to stick to moral values and absolute fairness but the political treachery within and from outside created a newfangled opportunistic political class that patronized an administrative system akin to a massive set of nepotistic oligarchy out to exploit everything short of human life. So, since mid-fifties of last century, we the people of Jammu and Kashmir got exposed and later on essentially used to political and administrative exploitation trough nepotism and sycophancy. And now this has become part of our administrative phrasebook. With huge expectations from a change in the political system and ideology from time to time only shape and form of exploitation and favoritism has change but not the enormity of misuse of power and patronage of exploiters.

Off late a unique brand of exploiters have invaded the core of our administrative system and are there not only to excel their own prospects of preferment but malign others in this malevolent rat race of unscrupulousness. Their modus operandi is simple, an occasional shoulder rub with some politician and few brushes with their cronies, then endlessly forceful campaign of bragging about such delusions qualifies them for what our present-day distinctive administrative exploiter looks like. These illegitimate entities of manipulation, corruption, and shame have entered almost all sections of administration and when cornered by some honest and upright custodian of management or confronted by some straightforward coworker or activist they resort to worst shameful acts of abuse and deleterious propaganda. Most often high on bragging syndrome and morphed by the power of deceit they pose to be architects of every change in the administrative mechanism, thus subdue and browbeat their coworkers and colleagues at work. Most of the time they deliver nothing against what they are paid as their only indulgence and occupation remains sycophancy, self-importance and scare others to keep their imaginary castles of power intact.

Such exploiters can be there in other walks of life as well, but the way they conduct their clandestine activities within the administration and allied departments is unique by all means. Invasion into monitoring and vigilance mechanism in the administration most often provides them a better smokescreen to carry on with activities of manipulation and derail the positivity of the administration. Some time back in these columns I had pointed out the incursion of some unscrupulous elements into the most positive aspect of the mechanism of the inbuilt social audit within the administration. We had made a passionate plea for choosing people of highest integrity as departmental vigilance officers and PIOs (Public Information Officers), the request was well taken by the keepers of administration but it seems that many moles are yet there to thwart the moves of the state to ensure flawless accountability and transparency.

In certain cases, the administration’s recent mopping-up operation and making some unscrupulous elements accountable has not gone down well into gluttonous bellies of some exceptional exploiters and they are out to malign everyone from top to bottom. Unfortunately, these pathological exploiters getting sadistic pleasure out of fallacious summary trials (manipulative social auditing) of others for their own nefarious designs are unable to face the real test of answerability! This is the real face of such unique exploiters who even after possessing nothing substantial as qualification manipulate their rise to the higher echelons of power and malign all others standing in their way. However, the government should act resolutely and not only continue with its concerted efforts of internal auditing but regularly assess the people who are entrusted with the task of auditing.