Gen-X Politicians.

Politics has much glamour and fascination attached to it and attracts many, making it most after sought venture in present all political environments. More aspirants find place in political setup as there are no age, and qualification strings attached to it.

The otherwise noble career of politicking presently is polluted and defaced beyond the imagination of founders of political concept. Majority of people desire to choose educated and learned political leadership but ongoing political situation has facilitated evolution of all shades of political manpower. No doubt, several less qualified politicians have put their everlasting mark in the political field and will be remembered for their contribution for long.

Earlier leaders after lot of persuasion would profess politics but now politicians shamelessly pose to be the leaders of masses. Metamorphosis of leaders to political adults used to be a long journey and would start from the young age itself. Tremendous grind would polish capable personalities with in-born leadership traits into mature politicians and there were no short cuts for pursuing honest political career. Politics in real sense had an unwritten code of conduct which was adhered to strictly by the whole political fraternity but now politicians draw their own lines of conduct as per their choice, whim and political consideration. The galaxies of modern politicians have realigned their political solar system to ensure maximum sunshine over their political domain.

Politics, politicians and political system have distorted with lot of degradation and run down and are attracting power hungry and unprincipled elements with doubtful character. Exceptions can be there. Politics is being used as short cut for power, fame and money with negligible moral and ethical investments. The whole political school of thought has been put on rails of deception and double standards making it to lead the common man no where but to the unending tunnel of deceit and mockery. Politics has touched such levels of appeal that no one remains unaffected by the pull within its system. The political attraction lures all to its fold with out cast, colour and creed.

Being the high point of power many people leave lucrative assignments to stride into the political pastures. After experiencing and exploring every option of deceit and exploitation, politics is the safest and the last resort for materialistic people with symptoms of unending urge for power. Such people from all walks of life after enjoying the extremes of success in their respective fields resort to politicking.  Businessmen, technocrats, intellectuals, academicians, government officials and lawyers all get attracted to the magnetic field of politics after conquering their fields of expertise. Politics has glamour and power and this makes it the most attractive line of work. The only short fall with politics is unpredictability and unreliability that is why only successful and professionally secure people opt for political adventures. People joining politics at young age is either by chance or by compulsion; otherwise younger generation is reluctant to try their hand on political front.

Lately a crop of bureaucrats and other sarkari babus after enjoying much of power have shown their keen interest in politicking. Their entry into political arena shows their eagerness to be in charge of absolute power vested within existing political system. The misuse of power through out their tenure encourages them to dig out and subsequently enjoy more power. This wilful transition from sarkari exploitation to political exploitation depicts the hollowness of present political system. During the last several decades many doctors and other technocrats along with a group of sycophant bureaucrats have joined the political band wagon of different political parties. But the recent surge in large scale invasion of political field by retired and serving bureaucrats demonstrates the much assumed significance of politics. Top bureaucrats suddenly calling it a day, leaving their lucrative official carrier for politics will be the dooms day both for political system as well as the system of governance. This is how they lose faith in an establishment which they had been professing for decades and are now in pursuit of absolute power and glamour embed in materialism and deceit within  existing political arrangement. This trend of changeover from humbly authorised to power hungry will do no good to political system in this land of political uncertainty. How people can expect justice from some one with few years of mandate, who could not deliver in his more than thirty years term of authority. Any act can not be justified by giving vague logics , like lack of absolute authority. Able men derive and exercise authority of their own by their ability and wisdom not expecting to inherit it or get it as a custom made gift. This latest trend will turn the murky political waters murkier and will lead to shaping of consortiums of fickleness and exploitation. The marriage of bureaucrats, politicians and businessmen has got a history, but they will exhibit their unconventional relations so brazenly is quite surprising.

To be little optimistic; if any section of politicians possesses some sense of doing well for the society they should invite, rather draw younger generation to politics. As our political fraternity has failed on all fronts miserably so they should give a try to this idea and leave some space for the Gen-X. And why should we common people, the sufferers bear the burden of exhausted lot of old and politically inefficient politicians any more? Let us try a generation which is young, energetic and above all clean by all means. In real sense young people should invade all political forums, take active part and necessarily take over the leadership in their own hands. People are fed up with traditional political leadership and now the venturing of bureaucrats and other smart people into the political arena has worsened the situation.

It is high time for younger people to come forward and take the mantles of power and governance from the old and redundant political lot. Local governance system is the most important area of concern for any society which is striving for its legitimate, basic rights and facing turmoil. Local governance the most vital institution and vulnerable to invasion and exploitation by people on prowl can not be ignored by any society. Saboteurs use the local governance route to invade and make the genuine movements weak and prone to defection by inserting and planting moles. The best way to strive for just and genuine goal, demands self reliance and this can be achieved only by efficient and honest local governance. The younger generation is energetic and enthusiastic and can turn the tide under all circumstances. Young people if entrusted with important assignment of running day to day governance can give better service to the community with least levels of corruption and favouritism.

Younger generation should compose a conglomerate based on the principles of honesty, impartiality and sincerity to get desperate people out of the clutches of imperfect political system and shocking politicians. These younger people, who can be the real leaders of underprivileged, unemployed, suppressed and exploited lot will deliver to the satisfaction and aspirations of common people if they adhere to the basic rules of justice and honesty. Common man is eager to shift from generation of traditional political setup and a huge under current on all political and leadership fronts is about to explode but it needs the proper tapping and our younger generation is the only alternative to make good of  honest aspirations and pure thinking of common man. We as sensible people should ponder upon this choice within our own system at an earliest.

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